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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

W  (1) A W prefix to any ship type designates it as subordinated to a quasi-military force; (2) Watt
WABNRES  WWMCCS Airborne Resources
WAC  (1) World Aeronautical Chart; (2) World Area Code
WADS  West Air Defense Sector
WAG  World Area Grid
W-CIOC  Wartime Combined Intelligence Operations Center
WAM  WWMCCS ADP Modernization
WAN  Wide-Area Network
WARC  World Administrative Radio Conference
WARLOG  Wartime Logistics
WARM  Wartime Reserve Mode
WAS  Wide-Area Search
WASAS  Weekly All-Source Algerian Situation Report
WASHFAX  Washington Area Secure Facsimile System
WASP  War Air Service Program
WARSIM  War Simulation
WASS  Wide-Area Surveillance System
WASSO  WWMCCS ADP System Security Officer
WATCHCON  Watch Condition
WATS  Wide Area Telecommunications System
WAWS  Washington Area Wideband System
WB  Wideband
WBIS  Wideband Intercept System
WBMS  Wideband Measurement System
WBST  Wideband Subscriber Terminals
WC  (1) Weather Center; (2) Weapon Control
WCCS  Wing Command and Control System
WCG  Workstation Computer Graphics
WDCS  Weapons Data Correlation System
WE  Weather Element
WEBE  Western European Basic Encyclopedia
WECON  Weather Control
WEFAX  Weather Facsimile
WES  WWMCCS Entry System
WESS  Weather Environmental Support System
WESTLANT  Western Atlantic Area (NATO)
WESTPAC/WPAC  Western Pacific
WESTLCF WES  Teleconferencing System
WETM  Cadre Weather Team
WEU  West European Union
WFC  World Food Council
WFOV  Wide Field of View
WFP  World Food Program
WG  (1) Wing; (2) Working Group
WGS  World Geodetic System
WH  White House
WHCA  White House Communications Agency
WHD  Western Hemisphere Defense
WHO  World Health Organization
WHQ  War Headquarters
WHSR  White House Situation Room
WIA  Wounded in Action
WIC  Worldwide Intelligence Conference
WICP  Wing Initial Communications Package
WICS  Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
WIDARSURV  Wide-Area Surveillance
WIFC  Wallops Island Flight Center
WIG  Wing-in-Ground Effect
WIMS  Warning and Indications Monitoring System
WIN  (1) WWMCCS Intercomputer Network; (2) WWMCCS Interconnected Network
WINCO  Warning Intelligence Non-Commissioned Officer
WINCS  WWMCCS Information Network Communications System
WINE  Warning and Indications in Europe
WINK  Warning in Korea
WINTEX  Winter Exercise
WIP  Weekly Intelligence Production Listing
WIR  Weekly Intelligence Review
WIS  (1) Weekly Intelligence Summary; (2) WWMCCS Information System; (3) Weaponeering Information Sheet
WISE  Warning Indicators System Europe
WISP  (1) Warning Improvement Study Plan; (2) Wartime Information Security Program; (3) Worldwide Intelligence Support Program
WISS  WESTCOM Intelligence Support System
WMD  (1) Western Military District; (2) Weapons of Mass Destruction
WMTR  Western Missile Test Range
WN  Warning-Intelligence Sources and Methods Involved
WNA  Would Not Answer
WN/WNINTEL  Warning Notice-Intelligence Sources and Methods Involved
WNY  Washington Navy Yard
WO  (1) Washington Office; (2) Warrant Officer
W/OAP  With Offset Aim Point
WOC  Wing Operations Center
WORM  Write Once/Read Many
WP  (1) Warsaw Pact; (2) Word Processing
WPC  (1) Warsaw Pact Countries; (2) Word Processing Center; (3) World Peace Council
WPM  Words Per Minute
Wpn  Weapon
WPNS  Weapons
WPNVG  Waterproof Night Vision Goggles
WPRS  War Powers Reporting System
WR  (1) Weapon Radius; (2) Western Range
WRA  Weapon Release Authority
WRM  War Reserve Materiel
WRMS  War Reserve Materiel Stocks
WRNC  Washington National Records Center
WRS  (1) Weapons Recommendation Sheet; (2) War Reserve Stocks
WRSA  War Reserve Stocks for Allies
WRSK  War Readiness Spares Kits
WS  (1) Workstation; (2) Weather Squadron; (3) Weapons School
WSAP  Weapons System Acquisition Program
WSEP  Weapon System Evaluation Program
WSI  Weapons School of Intelligence
WSI/L  War Supporting Industries and Logistics
WSMC  Western Space and Missile Center
WSMR  White Sands Missile Range
WSS  Workfile Support System
WSSIC  Weapon and Space Systems Intelligence Committee
WTM  World Target Mosaic
WTO  Warsaw Treaty Organization
WVRD  World Vision Relief and Development, Inc.
WWABNCP  Worldwide Airborne Command Post
WWCT  Worldwide Color TV
WWDMS  WWMCCS Data Base Management System
WWHFIBSN  Worldwide High Frequency Interlocking Base Station Network
WWIMS  Worldwide Warning Indicator Monitoring System
WWMCCS  Worldwide Military Command and Control System(s)
WWSVCS  Worldwide Secure Voice Conferencing System
WWW  Worldwide Web
WX  Weather
WXFCST  Weather Forecast



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