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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

N  North
N2  (1) Director of Intelligence (Naval Component); (2) Navy Staff Intellligence Officer
N/A  Not Applicable
NA  Navy
NAA  North Atlantic Alliance
NAADM  North American Air Defense Modernization
NAASW  Nonacoustic Antisubmarine Warfare
NAAWS  NATO Antiair Warfare System
NAB (1)  NATO Air Base Satellite (System); (2) Naval Amphibious Base; (3) Naval Air Base
NAC (1)  North Atlantic Council (NATO); (2) No Apparent Change; (3) National Agency Check; (4) Network Access Controller
NACA  National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
NACAA  National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics and Astronautics
NACAM  National COMSEC Advisory Memorandum
NACC  Net Assessment Coordinating Committee
NACDF  National Area Coverage Data File
NACIC  National CI Center
NACIPB  National CI Policy Board
NACOB  National CI Operations Board
NACSI  National COMSEC Instruction
NACSIM  National COMSEC Information Memorandum
NADGE  NATO Air Defense Ground Environment
NADS  North Atlantic Defense System
NAEW  NATO Airborne Early Warning (System)
NAF  (1) Numbered Air Force; (2) Naval Air Facility
NAFI  Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentality
NAFIS  Naval Forces Intelligence Study
NAI  Named Areas of Interest
NAIC  National Aerospace Intelligence Center
NAK  Negative Acknowledge
NALE  Naval Liaison Element
NAM  (1) Non-Aligned Movement; (2) Naval Armaments Model
NAMSO  NATO Maintenance and Supply Organization
nano  one billionth
NAOB  Naval Air Order of Battle
NAOC  National Airborne Operations Center
NAOS  North Atlantic Ocean Station
NARA  National Archives and Records Administration
NARRS  NORTHAG Reconnaissance Reporting System
NAS  (1) Naval Air Station; (2) Network Access System; (3) National Academy of Science
NASA  National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASACOM  NASA Communications Network
NASF  NIC Analyst Support Facility
NASIC  North American Air Sovereignty Intelligence Capability
NASP  National Aerospace Plane
NAT  Not Air-Transportable
NAT’L  National
NATO  North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATO  ASWCS Anti-Surface Warfare Combat System
NAV  (1) Navigation; (2) Navy
NAVAIR  Naval Air Systems Command
NAVAL AIRSHIP  Naval AIRSHIP Radar Surveillance System
NAVASTROGRU  Naval Astronautics Group
NAVATAC  Navy Antiterrorist Alert Center
NAVCAMS  Naval Communications Area Master Station
NAVCENT  U.S. Naval Forces Central Command
NAVCOMDET  Naval Communications Detachment
NAVCOMPARS  Naval Communications Processing and Routing System
NAVCOMTELCOM  Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command
NAVCOMSTA  Naval Communication Station
NAVDAC  Naval Data Automation Command
NAVELEX  Naval Electronic Systems Command
NAVEUR  U.S. Naval Forces, Europe
NAVFAC  (1) Naval Facility; (2) Naval Shore Facilities
NAVFOR  Naval Forces
NAVFORK  Naval Forces Korea
NAVIDS/SIS  Navigational Aids/Selective Identification System
NAVINTCOM  Naval Intelligence Command
NAVLGRU  Naval Liaison Group
NAVMACS  Navy Modular Automated Communications System
NAVMIC  Naval Maritime Intelligence Command
NAVMAP  Navy Missile Analysis Program
NAVMARINTCEN  Naval Maritime Intelligence Center
NAVMAT  Naval Material Command
NAVNET  Navy Data Network
NAVOCEANCOMDET  Naval Oceanography Command Detachment
NAVOCEANO  Naval Oceanographic Office
NAVOCFORMED  Naval On-Call Force for the Mediterranean (NATO)
NAVOPINTCEN  Naval Operations Intelligence Center
NAVPGSCHOOL  Naval Postgraduate School
NAVRADSTA  Naval Radio Station
NAVRES  Naval Reserve
NAVS  Navigators
NAVSAT  Navigation Satellite
NAVSATCOMFAC  Naval Satellite Communications Facility
NAVSEA  Naval Sea Systems Command
NAVSEC  Naval Ship Engineering Center
NAVSECGRU  Naval Security Group
NAVSECGRUACT  Naval Security Group Activity
NAVSECGRUCOM  Naval Security Group Command
NAVSECSTA  Naval Security Station
NAVSO  Naval Forces, South
NAVSOC  Naval Special Operations Command
NAVSOF  Naval Special Operations Forces
NAVSOUTH  Naval Forces, Southern Command
NAVSPACECOM  Naval Space Command
NAVSPASUR  Naval Space Surveillance Activity
NAVSPAWAR  Naval Space and Warfare Systems Command
NAVSPECWARCEN  Navy Special Warfare Center
NAVSPECBOATRON  Navy Special Boat Squadron
NAVSPECWARCOM  Naval Special Warfare Command
NAVSPECWARDEVGRU  Naval Special Warfare Development Group
NAVSPECWARGRU  Naval Special Warfare Group
NAVSPECWARUNIT  Naval Special Warfare Unit
NAVSPOC  Naval Space Operations Center
NAVSTA  Naval Station
NAVSTAR  Navigation and Satellite Timing and Ranging
NAVSUPACT  Naval Support Activity
NAVTECHINTCEN  Naval Technical Intelligence Center
NAVTELCOM  Naval Telecommunications Command
NAVWARCOL  Naval War College
NAWAS  National Attack Warning System
NAWC-AD  Naval Air Warfare Center-Aircraft Division
NAWS  NORAD Attack Warning System
NB  Naval Base
NBC  (1) Nuclear/Biological/Chemical; (2) National Broadcasting Corporation
NBCE  Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Element
NBCWRS  NORAD - Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warning Reporting
NBK  Non-Battle Killed
NBRG  National Basic Reference Graphic
NBS  National Bureau of Standards
NC  (1) No Change; (2) Node Center; (3) Narrow Coverage
NCA  National Command Authority(ies)
NCAPS  Naval Controls and Protection of Shipping
NCB  Nuclear Contingency Branch
NCC  (1) Naval Component Command; (2) Navy Command Center; (3) Net Control Center
NCCD  Nuclear Command and Control Document
NCCOSC  Naval Command, Control, and Ocean Surveillance Center
NCCS  Naval Command and Control System
NCDU  Naval Combat Demolition Unit
NCIC  National Crime Information Center
NCIS  (1) Non-Communications Intercept System; (2) National Counterintelligence Strategy; (3) Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NCISFO  NCIS Field Office
NCISRA  NCIS Resident Agent
NCISRU  NCIS Resident Unit
NCMA  National Command and Military Authority
NCMC  National Collection Management Cell
NCMP  Navy Capabilities and Mobilization Plan
NCO  Non-Commissioned Officer
NCOA  (1) Non-Commissioned Officers’ Academy; (2) Non-Commissioned Officers’ Association
NCOC  NORAD Combat Operations Center
NCOES  Non-Commissioned Officers’ Educational System
NCOIC  Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge
NCOS  Naval Control of Shipping
NCP  Nuclear Contingency Plan
NCPS  Nuclear Contingency Planning System
NCR  (1) National Capital Region; (2) NSA/Cryptologic Support Service Representative; (3) National Cryptologic Representative; (4) NSA/Central Security Service Representative
NCS  (1) National Communications System; (2) NMIC Control Subsystem; (3) Naval Control of Shipping; (4) Network Control Station; (5) Node Center Switch; (6) National Cryptologic School; (7) Net Control Station
NCSC  (1) Navy Command Support Center; (2) National Computer Security Center
NCSE  NIST Communications Support Element
NCSO  Naval Control of Shipping Office
NCSRT  Non-Communications Signal Recognition Trainer
NCTAMS  Navy Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station
NCTC  Naval Computer and Telecommunications Center
NCTR  Non-Cooperative Target Recognition
NCTS  Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station
NCWA  NATO Civil Wartime Agency
NCWG  National Correlation Working Group
NCWR  Non-Codeword Reporting
NDA  Nondisclosure Agreement
NDAA  Non-Developmental Airlift Aircraft
N-Day  Days Before D-Day
NDB  Non-Direction Beacon
NDCDB  National Digital Cartographic Database
NDCP  Navy Decision Coordinating Paper
NDD  Nuclear Detection Device
NDDS  Nuclear Detonation Detection System
NDGZ  National Desired Ground Zero
NDHQ  National Defense Headquarters (Canada)
NDI  Non-Developmental Item
NDIC  National Drug Intelligence Center
NDL  (1) Network Data Language; (2) National DGZ List
NDOC  National Defense Operations Center
NDP  (1) National Disclosure Policy; (2) Naval Doctrine Publication
NDPC  National Disclosure Policy Committee
NDPO  National Disclosure Policy Office(r)
NDRF  National Defense Reserve Fleet
NDS  (1) Nuclear Detection Satellite; (2) NPIC Data System; (3) Nuclear Detection System
NDU  National Defense University
NEA  (1) Northeast Asia; (2) National Education Association
NEACP  National Emergency Airborne Command Post
NEADS  Northeast Air Defense Sector
NEANMCC  Navy Element Alternate National Military Command Center
NEC  (1) Naval Enlisted Code; (2) Northern European Countries; (3) Navy Enlisted Classification
NEIC  USAFE NATO Equipment Interpretation Course
NEMVAC/NISH  Non-combatant Emergency Evacuation/NEO Intelligence Support Handbook
NEL  National Exploitation Laboratory
NEO  Noncombatant Evacuation Operation
NEPA  National Environmental Policy Act
NEREP  Nuclear Execution and Reporting Plan
NES  Network Encryption System
NESDIS  National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service
NESEA  Naval Electronic Systems Engineering Activity
NESN  NATO English-Speaking Nations
NET  (1) Not Earlier Than; (2) New Equipment Training
NETS  Nationwide Emergency Telecommunications Service
NETT  New Equipment Training Team
NEXIS  Meade Data Center News Service
NF  No Foreign Dissemination, NOFORN
NFA  (1) New Fighter Aircraft; (2) No Forwarding Address; (3) No-Fire Area
NFAC  National Foreign Assessment Center
NFCS  Nuclear Forces Communications Satellite
NFD  No Foreign Dissemination
NFDP  National Foreign Disclosure Policy
NFE  Network Front End
NFI  (1) Not Further Identified; (2) No Further Information
NFIB  National Foreign Intelligence Board (formerly USIB)
NFIC  National Foreign Intelligence Council
NFIP  National Foreign Intelligence Program
NFL  New Foreign Launch
NFM  Near-Full-Motion
NFS  Network File System
NFSN  NATO French-Speaking Nations
NFWS  Navy Fighter Weapons School
NFZ  Nuclear Free Zone
NG  National Guard
NGA  NATO Guidelines Area
NGAZ  NATO Gazetteer
NGB  National Guard Bureau
NGF  Northern Group of Forces (Soviet Forces in Poland)
NGFS  Naval Gunfire Support
NGIC  National Ground Intelligence Center
NGL  Natural Gas Liquids
NGO  Non-Governmental Organization(s)
NGS  National Ground Site
NHCD  National HUMINT Collection Directive(s)
NHCP  National HUMINT Collection Plan
NHO  Naval Hydrographic Office
NHRTC  National HUMINT Requirements Tasking Center
NIA  National Imagery Agency
NIAC (1) National Information & Analysis Center; (2) Naval Intelligence Automation Command
NIAG  NATO Industrial Advisory Group
NIC  (1) Naval Intelligence Command; (2) National Intelligence Council; (4) Naval Intelligence Cell; (5) National Intelligence Cell/Community
NICCIA  National CI Coordinating Authority
NICKA  Nickname and Exercise Term System
NICOLS  NIC On-Line System
NICS  NATO Integrated Communications System
NICSCOA  NATO Integrated Communications System Central Operating Authority
NID  National Intelligence Daily
NIDS  NMCC Information Display System
NIE  National Intelligence Estimate
NIEO  New International Economic Order
NIETB  National Imagery Exploitation Target Base
NIETS  National Imagery Exploitation Tasking Study
NIEX  No-notice Interoperability Exercise
NIG  National Input Group
NIHS  NAVEUR Intelligence Highlights Summary
NII  National Information Infrastructure
NIIC  NORAD Intelligence Indications Center
NIIDTS  Naval Intelligence Imagery Data Transmission System
NIIRS  National Imagery Interpretability Rating Scale
NILS  Naval Intelligence Locating Summary
NIM  NORAD Intelligence Memorandum
NIMA  National Imagery and Mapping Agency
NIO  National Intelligence Officer
NIP  (1) Notice of Intelligence Potential; (2) National Intelligence Priorities; (3) NATO Interoperability Plan
NIPIR  Nuclear Immediate Photo Interpretation Report
NIPRNET  Unclassified-but Sensitive (N) Internet Protocol Router Network
NIPS  (1) NMCC Information Processing System; (2) Naval Intelligence Processing System
NIPSSA  Naval Intelligence Processing Systems Support Activity
NIPSTRAFAC  Naval Intelligence Processing Systems Training Facility
NIS  (1) National Intelligence Summary; (2) National Intelligence Survey; (3) Naval Investigative Service; (4) NATO Identification System; (5) NPIC Information System (former NDS); (6) Newly Independent States; (7) National Imagery Segment; (8) National Input Segment; (9) NIPCImagery System; (10) Network Information System
NISAC  National Industrial Security Advisory Committee
NISAM  Naval Intelligence Systems Architecture Manual
NISC  Naval Intelligence Support Center (U.S. Navy) (now NIC)
NISCOM  Naval Investigative Service Command
NISHQ  Naval Investigative Service Headquarters
NISO  Naval Investigative Service Office
NISP  Nuclear Weapons Intelligence Support Plan
NISR  National Intelligence Situation Report
NIST  (1) National Intelligence Support Team; (2) National Institute of Standards and Technology
NIT  National Intelligence Topic
NITF  National Imagery Transmission Format
NITFS  NITF Standard
NIU  Network Interface Unit
NKIL  North Korea Installation List
NKSR  Nonkernel Security Related Software
NLC  National Logistical Command
NLI  Natural Language Interface
NLM  Netware Loadable Module
NLP  Natural Language Processing
NLOS  Non-Line-of-Sight Weapon System
NLS  Non-Lethal Submunitions
NLT  Not Later Than
NLZ  No-Loan Zone
NM  Nautical Mile
NMC  (1) Naval Materiel Command; (2) NATO Military Council
NMCC  National Military Command Center
NMCC(A)  National Military Command Center (Alternate)
NMCS  National Military Command System
NMCSSC  National Military Command Systems Support Center
NMD  National Military Defense
NMI  No Middle Initial
NMIC  (1) National Military Intelligence Center (archaic, now NMJIC); (2) National Maritime Intelligence Center
NMICC  NATO Maritime Intelligence Coordination Center
NMICSS  NMIC Support System
NMIS  National Military Intelligence Support
NMIST  National Military Intelligence Support Team
NMITC  (1) Navy-Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center; (2) National Military Intelligence Training Center
NMJCC  National Military Joint Command Center
NMJIC  National Military Joint Intelligence Center
NMN  No Middle Name
NMOSS  NATO Maritime Operational Support System
NMRL  National MASINT Requirements List
NMS  National Military Strategy
NMSD  National Military Strategy Document
NMIC  National Military Intelligence Center
NMICC  National Military Intelligence Collection Center
NMJIC  National Military Joint Intelligence Center
NN  Neural Network
NNA  Neutral and Non-Aligned
NNAG  NATO Naval Armaments Group
NNBIS  National Narcotics Border Interdiction System
NNICP  National Nuclear Intelligence Collection Plan
NNWS  Non-Nuclear Weapons States
NOAA  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOB  (1) Naval Order of Battle; (2) Nuclear Order of Battle
NOBS  Naval Operations Bases
NOBTS  Naval Order of Battle Textual Summary
NOC  (1) Naval Operations Center; (2) Network Operations Center
NOCONTRACT  Not Releasable to Contractors or Contractor Consultants
NOD  Night Observation Device
NOE  Nap-of-the-Earth
NOFORN  Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals
NOIAN  National Operations and Intelligence Analysts Net
NOIC  Naval Operational Intelligence Center
NOIWON  National Operations and Intelligence Watch Officers Network
NOK  Next Of Kin
NOMS  Nuclear Operations Monitoring System
NOPF  Naval Ocean Processing Facility
NOR  Norway
NORAD  North American Aerospace Defense Command
NORD  Nordic
NORIP  NORAD Intelligence For Planning Document
NORLANT  North Atlantic
NORMIB  NORAD Missile Intelligence Bulletin
NORSAR  Norwegian Seismic Array
NORSIB  NORAD Weekly Space Intelligence Bulletin
NORTHAG  Northern Army Group
NORTIC  NORAD Tactical Intelligence Cell
NOSC  Naval Ocean Systems Center
NOSG  Naval Operations Support Group
NOSIC  Naval Ocean Surveillance Information Center
NOTAL  Not To All (message distribution restriction)
NPA  New People’s Army
NPB  Neutral Particle Beam
NPE  Nuclear Planning and Execution
NPES  Nuclear Planning and Execution System
NPGS  Naval Postgraduate School
NPHR  National Foreign Intelligence Plan for Human Resources
NPIC  National Photographic Interpretation Center
NPR  Nuclear Posture Review
NPS  Nuclear Planning System
NPT  Non-Proliferation (of Nuclear Weapons) Treaty
NR  (1) Research Submarine (Nuclear); (2) Naval Reserve; (3) Non-Recurring; (4) Number
NRAD  NCCOSC Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Division
NRC  National Research Council
NRCC   NORAD Region Combat Center
NRDL Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory
NRF  Naval Reserve Force
NRFI  Non-Recurring Finished Intelligence
NRI  Net Radio Interference
NRIP  Naval Reserve Intelligence Program
NRIS  National Radar Interpretability Scale
NR JOIC  Northwestern Region Joint Operational Intelligence Cell
NRL  (1) Naval Research Laboratory; (2) NUWEP Reconnaissance List; (3) National Receive Location
NRO  National Reconnaissance Office
NROSS  Navy Remote Ocean Surveillance Satellite
NRP  (1) National Reconnaissance Program; (2) Net Radio Protocol
NRT  (1) Near Real Time; (2) Net Registered Tonnage
NRTEM  Near-Real-Time Exploitation Module
NRTI  Near-Real-Time Information
NRTS  Naval Reconnaissance and Technical Support
NSA  (1) National Security Agency; (2) National Shipping Authority; (3) National Standards Association; (4) Naval Support Activity
NSAD  Network Security Architecture and Design
NSA/CSS  National Security Agency/Central Security Service
NSAM  National Security Action Memorandum
NSARC  Navy Systems Acquisition Review Council
NSC  (1) National Security Council; (2) Naval Supply Center
NSC/DC  Deputies Committee of the NSC
NSCID  National Security Council Intelligence Directive
NSCIG  National Security Council Interdepartmental Group
NSD  National Security Directive
NSDD  National Security Decision Directive
NSDM  National Security Decision Memorandum
NSE  (1) Naval Support Element; (2) National Support Element
nsec  Nanosecond
NSEP  National Security Emergency Preparedness
NSF  National Science Foundation
NSFS  National Surface Fire Support
NSG  Naval Security Group
NSGA  Naval Security Group Activity
NSGC  Naval Security Group Command
NSGD  Naval Security Group Detachment
NSI  National Security Information
NSIC  Naval Security and Investigative Command
NSN  National Stock Number
NSNF  Non-Strategic Nuclear Forces
NSO  (1) Non-SlOP Option; (2) Network Security Officer
NSOC  (1) National Security Operations Center
(formerly National SIGINT Operations Center); (2) Naval Special Operations Command
NSOF  Naval Status of Forces
NISPC  National In-Service Production Centers
NSPG  National Security Planning Group
NSRB  National Security Resources Board
NSRDB  National SIGINT Requirements Data Base
NSRDC  Naval Ship Research and Development Center
NSRL  National SIGINT Requirements List
NSRS  National SIGINT Requirements System
NSS  (1) NMIC Support System; (2) National Seismic Station; (3) National Security Strategy; (4) Network Support Server
NSSD  National Security Study Directive
NSSM  (1) Navy Spread Spectrum Modem; (2) National Security Study Memorandum
NSST  (1) Navy Space Command Space Support Team; (2) National Special Support Teams
NSTAC  National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee
NSTD  (1) National Strategic Target Database; (2) Non-System Training Device
NSTG  Nuclear Strike Target Graphic
NSTGFE  Naval Scientific and Technical Group, Far East
NSTISSAM  National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems
Security Advisory/information Memorandum
NSTISSC/D/I/P  National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems
Security Committee/Directive/Instruction/Policy
NSTL  National Strategic Target List
NSTS  NSA/CSS Secure Telephone System
NSV  Netted Secure Voice
NSVN  NATO Secure Voice Network
NSW  Naval Special Warfare
NSWC  (1) Navy Surface Weapons Center; (2) Navy Special Warfare Command
NSWDG  Naval Special Warfare Development Group
NSWG  Naval Special Warfare Group
NSWP  Non-Soviet Warsaw Pact
NSWTG  Naval Special Warfare Task Group
NSWTG/U  Naval Special Warfare Task Group/Unit or (Unconventional)
NSWTU  Naval Special Warfare Task Unit
NSWU  Naval Special Warfare Unit
NTA  National Tasking Authority
NTB  (1) National Targeting Base; (2) Nuclear Test Ban
NTBS  National Target Base Server
NTC  (1) National Territorial Command; (2) National Tasking Center; (3) Naval Training Center; (4) Network Terminal Concentrator; (5) National Training Center
NTCB  Network Trusted Computing Base
NTCC  Naval Telecommunications Center
NTCS-A  Naval Tactical Communications System-Afloat
NTDI  NATO Target Data Inventory
NTDS  Naval Tactical Data System
NTF  National Test Facility
NTI  (1) National Tactical Interface; (2) Near-Term Initiative
NTIA  National Telecommunications & Information Administration/Agency
NTIB  NATO Tactical Intelligence Broadcast
NTIC  Naval Technical Intelligence Center
NTIS  National Technical Information Service
NTISSAM  National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Advisory/information Memorandum
NTISSC/D/I/P  National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee/Directive/Instruction/Policy
NTM  National Technical Means
NTMWG  Nuclear Test Monitoring Working Group
NTP  National Tasking Plan
NTPC  National Telemetry Processing Center
NTPR  Nuclear Targeting Policy Review
NTPS  Near-Term Maritime Pre-Positioning Ships
NTS  (1) Nuclear Test Site; (2) Naval Telecommunications System
NTSC  National Television Standard Code/Committee
NTSDS  National Target/Threat Signatures Data System
NTSS  National Time-Sensitive System
NTU  New Threat Upgrade
NTZ  No Transgression Zone
NUAC  Nicaragua Analysis Cell
NUCAP  Nuclear Capabilities Data Base
NUCDEF  Nuclear Defense
NUCDETS  Nuclear Detonation Detection & Reporting System
NUCINT  Nuclear Intelligence
NUCREP  Nuclear Damage Report
NUCWPN  Nuclear Weapon(s)
NUICCS  NORAD/USSPACECOM Integrated Command and Control System
NUDET  (1) Nuclear Detection; (2) Nuclear Detonation
NUIS  NORAD/USSPACECOM Intelligence Systems
NURAD  Nuclear Radiation Detection
NUREP  Nuclear Weapons Report
NUSC  Naval Underwater Systems Center
NUT  Naval Upper Tier
NUTEX  Nuclear Tactical Exercise
NUWEAMP  Nuclear Weapons Employment and Acquisition Master Plan
NUWEP  Nuclear Weapons Employment Policy/Plan (NCA)
NVDEP  Network Virtual Data Entry Protocol
NVDET  Network Virtual Data Entry Terminal
NVG  Night Vision Goggles
NVIS  (1) Near-Vertical Incidence Skywave; (2) Night Vision Imaging System
NVS  Night Vision System
NW  (1) Nuclear Warfare; (2) Northwest (region)
NWB  Nuclear Weapons Branch
NWC  (1) National War College; (2) Naval War College; (3) Naval Weapons Center; (4) NORAD Weather Center
NWFZ Nuclear Weapons Free Zone
NWIP  Naval Warfare Information Publication
NWIS  Naval Weaponeering Information Sheet
NWL  Naval Weapons Laboratory
NWP  Naval Warfare Publication
NWR  Northwest Region
NWRS  Nuclear Weapons Requirement Study
NWS  (1) Nuclear Weapons State; (2) North Warning System; (3) National Weather Service
NWSS  Nuclear Weapons Storage Site
NWWCSS  Naval Worldwide Command Support System
NX  Non-Expendable



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