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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

F  (1) Fahrenheit; (2) Frequency
FA  (1) Frontal Aviation (FSU); (2) Field Artillery; (3) Forward Area; (4) Functional Architecture; (5) Frequency Agile; (6) Full Accounting; (7) Feasibility Assessment
FAA  (1) Federal Aviation Agency; (2) Federal Aviation Administration; (3) Foreign Assistance Act
FAAD C3I  Forward Area Air Defense Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence
FAADS  Forward Area Air Defense System
FAAR  Forward Area Alerting Radar
FAARP  Forward Area Armament and Refuel Point
FAAS  Foreign Affairs Administrative Support
FAC  (1) Forward Air Control (Controller); (2) Facilities
FACP  (1) Forward Air Control Post; (2) Forward Air Control Party
FACSFAC  Fleet Air Control and Surveillance Facility
FAD  (1) Fleet Air Defense; (2) Force Activity Designator; (3) Field Arbitrary Designators
FADOC  Future Air Defense Operation Concept
FADS  Foreign Area Data System
FAE  Fuel Air Explosive
FAF  Fast Access Format
FAFIC  Federal Armed Forces Intelligence Center (FRG)
FAI  Fuel Air Incendiary Concussion Bomb
FAIO  Field Artillery Intelligence Officer
FAISA  FORSCOM Automated Intelligence Support Activity
FAISS  FORSCOM Automated Intelligence Support System
FALD  Field Administration and Logistics Division
FAM Functional Area Model
FAME  FORSCOM Automated Modernization Effort
FAMP  Foreign Army Materiel Production
FAMS  Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center Analytical Maritime Summary
FAMSIM  Family of Simulation
FANS  Friendly Allied Nation Support Network
FANT  French Atmospheric Nuclear Test
FAO  (1) Foreign Area Officer; (2) Forward Area of Operations; (3) Food and Agricultural Organization (UN)
FAPC  Food and Agriculture Planning Committee (NATO)
FARP  Forward Area Refuel Point
FARRFAA  Air Replacement Radar
FARRP  Forward Area Rearming and Refueling Point
FAS  (1) (U.S.) Foreign Agriculture Service; (2) Frequency Assignment Subcommittee
FAST  (1) Fleet Antiterrorist Support Teams; (2) Forward Area Support Team; (3) Forward Area Support Terminal
FAST-I  Forward Area SID and TRAP-Improved
FAST/I2  Improved FAST/I
FASTC  Foreign Aerospace Science and Technology Center (archaic, now NAIC)
FASTFAX  Tactical Digital Facsimile
FASTL  Future Analytic Strategic Target List
FAV  (1) Field Assistance Visit; (2) Fast Attack Vehicle
FAX  Facsimile
FB  Fighter Bomber
FBA  Fighter Bomber Attack
FBH  Force Beachhead
FBI  Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBIS  Foreign Broadcast Information Service
FBM  Fleet Ballistic Missile
FBR  Fast Breeder Reactor
FBS  (1) Forward-Based Systems; (2) Federal Border Service
FC  (1) Fire Control; (2) Fractional Coverage
FCA  Foreign Counterintelligence Activity
FCB  Functional Control Board
FCC  (1) Fleet Command Center; (2) Federal Communications Commission; (3) Fighter Control Center; (4) Fire Coordination Center
FCE  Forward Control Element
FCFS  First Come, First Served
FCG  Foreign Clearance Guide (military)
FCI  Foreign Counterintelligence
FCIAD  FORSCOM Component Intelligence Architecture Document
FCIP  Foreign Counterintelligence Program
FCISD  FORSCOM Component Intelligence Strategy Document
FCITP  Foreign Counterintelligence and International Terrorism Program (FBI)
FCITTP  FORSCOM Component Intelligence Tactics, Techniques and
FCLP  FORSCOM Command Language Program
FCO  Facility Control Office
FCRC  Federal Contract Research Center
FCS  (1) Fire Control System; (2) Flight Control System; (3) (U.S.) Foreign Commercial Service
FCSE  Forward Control Support Element
FCT  Foreign Comparative Test
FCZ  Forward Combat Zone
FD  Functional Design
F/d  Ratio of focal-length to diameter (of reflector type antennas)
FDB  Fleet Database
FDBM  Functional Data Base Manager
FDBPS  Fleet Data Base Production System
FDC  Fire Direction Center
FDDAC  Foreign Denial and Deception Analysis Committee
FDDI  Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDDS  Flag Data Display System
FDIU  Fill Device Interface Unit
FDM  Frequency Division Multiplexing
FDMA  Frequency Division Multiple Access
FDO Foreign Disclosure Officer
FDOA  Frequency Difference of Arrival
FDR  Foreign Disclosure Representative
FDT&E  Force Development Test & Experimentation
FDU  Force Design Update
FDW  Forward Deployed Workstation
FDX  Full Duplex
FEA  Front End Analysis
FEAF  Far Eastern Air Forces
FEBA  Forward Edge of the Battle Area
Fed  Federal Reserve System
FEDS  Front End Distribution System
FEDSIM  Federal Computer Performance Evaluation and Simulation Center
FEL  Free Electron Laser
FEMA  Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMD  Far East Military District
FEMP  Front End Message Processors
FEP  (1) Front End Processor; (2) FLTSATCOM EHF Package
FERS  Federal Employees Retirement System
FET  Field Effect Transistor
FETVD  Far East Theater of Military Operations
FEWS  Future Early Warning System
FEWSG  Fleet Electronic Warfare Support Group
FF  Frigate
FFA  Free-Fire Area
FFAR  Folding-Fin Aerial Rocket
FFG  Guided-Missile Frigate
FFGH  Guided-Missile Aviation Frigate
FFGN  Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Frigate
FFH  Aviation Frigate
FFHGN  Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Aviation Frigate
FFHN  Nuclear-Powered Aviation Frigate
FFL  Corvette
FFLG  Guided-Missile Corvette
FFM  Full Face Mask
FFN  Fleet Flash Net
FFR  Radar Picket Frigate
FFS  (1) Fixed Field Site; (2) Formatted File System
FFT  Training Frigate
FGHQ  Fighter Group Headquarters (Canada)
FGN  Foreign
FH  Frequency Hopping
FH/DS  Frequency Hopping/Direct Sequence
FI  (1) Finished Intelligence; (2) Foreign Intelligence
FI&SS  Foreign Intelligence and Security Service(s)
FIA  Foreign Intelligence Agency
FIC  (1) Fleet Intelligence Center; (2) FORSCOM Intelligence Center
FICEURLANT  Fleet Intelligence Center, Europe and Atlantic
FICM  Fleet Intelligence Collection Manual
FICPAC  Fleet Intelligence Center, Pacific
FID  (1) Foreign Internal Defense; (2) Force Integration Division
FIDB  Fundamental Intelligence Database
FIE  Foreign Intelligence Element
FIG  Figure
FIIC  Force Imagery Interpretation Center
FIIU  Force Imagery Interpretation Unit
FIM  Force Integration Master Planner
FIN  (1) Fixed-Site Intelligence Network; (2) Financial
FINPLAN  Financial Plan
FIO  Foreign Intelligence Officer
FIP  (1) Force Improvement Plan; (2) Federal Information Processing
FIPC  Foreign Intelligence Priorities Committee
FIPS  (1) Federal Information Processing Standard; (2) Fleet Intelligence Production System
FIR  Field Investigative Region
FIRCAP  Foreign Intelligence Requirement Capabilities and Priorities
FIRE  Fused Intelligence Report in Europe
FIRF  Future Information Requirements Forecast
FIRMS  Foreign Intelligence Relations Management System
FIROPS  Freedom of Air Operations
FIRST  Fleet Intelligence Reserve Support Team
FIRSTEURLANT  Fleet Intelligence Reserve Support Team, Atlantic
FIRSTPAC  Fleet Intelligence Reserve Support Team, Pacific
FIS  (1) Foreign Instrumentation Signals; (2) Foreign Intelligence Service
FISA  Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
FISAP  FMFPac Intelligence Sub-Architecture Plan
FISINT  (1) Foreign Instrumentation and Signature Intelligence; (2) Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence
FISS  Foreign Intelligence and Security Services
FIST  (1) Fleet Imagery Support Terminal; (2) Fire Support Team
FIST-T  Transportable FIST
FITCPAC  Fleet Intelligence Training Center, Pacific
FITD  FORSCOM Intelligence Training Detachment
FITWING  Fighter Wing
FLA  Foreign Launch Assessment
FLAGE  Flexible Lightweight Agile Guided Experiment
FLC  Foreign Language Committee
FLEETSATCOM  Fleet Satellite Communications
FLENUMOCEANCEN  Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center (U.S. Navy)
FLEX  Force-Level Execution System
FLI  Force-Level Information
FLIR  Forward-Looking Infrared (Radar)
FLO  Foreign Liaison Office
FLOT  Forward Line of Troops
FLR  Forward-Looking Radar
FLRA  Federal Labor Relations Authority
FLSG  Force Logistics Support Group
FLT  Fleet; Flight
FLTBCST  Fleet Broadcast
FLTCINC  Fleet Commander in Chief
FLTSAT  Fleet Satellite
FLTSATCOM  Fleet Satellite Communications System
FLTSEVOCOM  Fleet Secure Voice
FM  (1) Frequency Modulation; (2) Foreign Materiel; (3) File Maintenance;
(4) Factory Marking(s); (5) Functional Manager; (6) Field Manual; (7) From; (8) Comptroller
FMA  (1) Foreign Materiel Acquisition; (2) Foreign Media Analysis
FMAO  Foreign Materiel Acquisition Operation
FMAR  Foreign Materiel Acquisition Requirement
FMAS  Foreign Media Analysis Subsystem
FMC  (1) Field Maintenance Center; (2) Force Mobile Command
FME  Foreign Materiel Exploitation
FMEC  Foreign Materiel Exploitation Catalogue
FMEP  Foreign Materiel Exploitation Program
FMF  Fleet Marine Force(s)
FMFLANT  Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic
FMFM  Fleet Marine Field Manual
FMFPAC  Fleet Marine Force, Pacific
FMIB  Foreign Materiel Intelligence Board
FMIG  Foreign Materiel Intelligence Group
FMIS  Force Management Information System
FMLM  French Military Liaison Mission
FMOCC  Fleet Mobile Operations Command Center
FMP  Foreign Materiel Program
FMPCP  Foreign Military Personnel Contact Program
FMPRB  Foreign Military Program Review Board
FMRL  Foreign Materiel Requirements List
FMs  Defense Intelligence Functional Managers
FMS  Foreign Military Sales
FMSF  Foreign Military Sales Financing
FMTV  Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles
FN  Foreign National
FNOC  Fleet Numerical Oceanographic Center
FNU  First Name Unknown
FO  Forward Observer
F/O  Fiber-Optics
FOA  (1) Field Operating Agency; (2) Forward Operating Area
FOAMP  Foreign Aerospace Materiel Production
FOAP  Foreign Aircraft Production
FOB  (1) Forward Operating Base; (2) Foreign Order of Battle
FOBS  Fractional Orbital Bombardment System
FOC  (1) Final Operational Capabilities; (2) Full Operational Capability; (3) FORSCOM Operations Center; (4) Full Operating Capacity
FOCI  Foreign Owned, Controlled or Influenced
FOCUS  (1) Interagency Review of Defense Attache Offices; (2) FORSCOM Objective Communications System
FOD  Foreign Object Damage
FOFA  Follow-on Forces Attack
FofF  Field of Fire
FOG  Fiber-Optics Guided
FOGM  Fiber-Optic Guided Missile
FOI  Freedom of Information
FOIA  Freedom of Information Act
FOL  (1) Forward Operating Location; (2) Family of Loudspeakers
FOLAN  Fiber-Optic Local Area Network
FOLPEN  Foliage-Penetrating
FOM  Figure of Merit
FOMA  Foreign Military Assistance
FOMCAT  Foreign Materiel Catalogue
FOMP  Foreign Missile Production
FONS  Fleet Operational Needs Statement for Intelligence
FOP  Forward Observation Post
FORDTIS  Foreign Disclosure Technical Information System
FORECON  Force Reconnaissance
FORGE  Force Generation
FORMAT  Foreign Materiel
FORMDEPS  FORSCOM Mobilization and Deployment Planning System
FORMICA  Foreign Military Intelligence Collection Activity
FORMMS  Foreign Materiel Management System
FORSCOM  U.S. Forces Command
FORSTAT  Force Status and Identity Report
FORT  Force Trends Data Base
FORTRAN  Formula Translator
FOSCAS  Foreign Ship Construction and Shipyards
FOSD  Family of Sabotage Devices
FOSIC  Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center
FOSIC-E  Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center, Europe
FOSICLANT  Fleet Ocean Surveillance Intelligence Center, Atlantic
FOSICPAC  Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center, Pacific
FOSIF  Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Facility
FOSIF  Rota Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Facility, Rota
FOSIF/WESTPAC  Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Facility, Western Pacific
FOTARS  Follow-On Tactical Reconnaissance System
FOT&E  Follow-On Test and Evaluation
FOTELSYS  Foreign Telecommunications Systems
FOTRS  Follow-On Tactical Reconnaissance System
FOUO  For Official Use Only
FOV Field of View
FP  (1) Fire Position; (2) Field Post; (3) Force Package
FPA  (1) Federal Preparedness Agency; (2) Focal Plane Array; (3) Force Projection Army
FPB  Fast Patrol Boat
FPE  Force Planning Estimate
FPF  Final Protection Fire
FPI  (1) Foreign Positive Intelligence; (2) Federal Process Improvement
FPIR  Force Protection Information Report
FPL  Fire Protective Line
FPN  Field Post Number
FPO  Fleet Post Office
fps  Feet Per Second
FPTOC  Force Projection Tactical Operations Center
FPU  Floating Point Unit
FQ&P  Flying Qualities and Performance
FRAG  Fragmentary Order
FRAGO  Fragmentary Order
FRD  (1) Federal Research Division (Library of Congress); (2) Formerly Restricted Data;
(3) Functional Requirements Document
FREQ  Frequency
FRG  Federal Republic of Germany
FRIES  Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System
FRIF  Finished Recurring Intelligence File
FROG  Free Rocket Over Ground
FROKA  First Republic of Korea Army
FROSS  Foreign Reliance on Space Systems
FRPG  Facility Reference Point Graphic
FRR  Frequency Resource Records
FRS  (1) Fleet Readiness Squadron; (2) Federal Research Service; (3) Forward Recording Site
FRY  Former Republic of Yugoslavia
FRYM  Former Republic of Yugoslavia-Macedonia
FS  (1) File Server; (2) Fire Support
F3S  Field Station Support System
FSAIS  FICEURLANT SCI Analyst Information System
FSB  (1) Fleet Satellite Broadcast (of FLTSATCOM); (2) Forward Staging Base; (3) Fire Support Base
FSBS  Fleet Submarine Broadcast System
FSCC  Fire Support Coordination Center
FSCL  Fire Support Coordination Line
FSCOORD  Fire Support Coordinator
FSD  (1) Field Support Division; (2) Forward Support Detachment
FSE  Fire Support Element
FSHB  Fallout Safe Height of Burst
FSI  Foreign Service Institute
FSIC  Forward Sensor Interface and Control
FSK  (1) Field Station, Korea; (2) Frequency Shift Keying
FSM  Federated States of Micronesia
FSO  (1) Foreign Service Officer; (2) Fire Support Officer
FSOC  Fairchild Satellite Operations Center
FSOF  Forward Special Operations Facility
FSP  Fire Support Plan
FSRS  Functional Security Requirements Specification
FSS  (1) Fast Sealift Ship; (2) FAISS SID System; (3) Fixed Satellite Services
FSSG  Force Service Support Group (USMC)
FSST  Forward Space Support in Theater
FST  (1) Future Strategic Targets; (2) Future Soviet Tank
FSTC  Foreign Science and Technology Center (archaic; now NGIC)
FSTS  Federal Security Telephone Service
FSU  Former Soviet Union
FSV  Fire Support Vehicle
FSVS  Future Secure Voice System
FSWDS  Fixed-Site Warning & Detection System
FT  (1) Fort; (2) Foot
FT-1  Fractional T-1
FTA  (1) Field Training Area; (2) Functions, Tasks, and Activities
FTAM  File Transfer Access Management
FTC  (1) Fast Time Constant (ECCM); (2) Federal Trade Commission
FTD  Foreign Technology Division (USAF)
FTDB  Foreign Technology Data Base
FTI  Fixed Target Indicator
FTL  Future Target List
FTLS  (1) Future Target List-Strategic; (2) Formal Top-Level Specification
FTM  Full-Time Manning
FTP  File Transfer Protocol
FTPS  FORSCOM Topographic Production System (Facility)
FTR  Fighter
FTS  (1) Fleet Telecommunications System; (2) Federal Telecommunications System; (3) Federal Telephone System; (4) Flight Training Squadron
FTS  2000 Federal Telephone System 2000
FTSC  Fleet Technical Support Center
FTU  Forecast Tactical Unit
FTX  Field Training Exercise
FU  Forecast Unit
FUD  Full Unit Designator
FUE  First Unit Equipped
FUNT  French Underground Nuclear Test
FUSS  Fleet Undersea Surveillance System
FUWOB  Forward Unconventional Warfare Operations Base
FV  Fighting Vehicle
FVS  Foreign Visits System
FW  (1) Fighter Wing; (2) Fixed-Wing
FWAIS  Free-World Air Intelligence Study
FWAOB  Free-World Air Order of Battle
Fwd  Forward
FWE  Foreign Weapons Evaluation
FWIC  Fighter Weapon School Intelligence Course
FWVP  Fallout Wind Vector Plot
FY  Fiscal Year
FYDP  (1) Fiscal Year Defense Program/Plan; (2) Five-Year Defense Program; (3) Future Years Defense Program
FYI  For Your Information
FYIP  Five-Year Intelligence Plan
FYMOP  Five-Year Master Objectives Plan
FYP  Five-Year Plan (FSU)
FYROM  Federal Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia



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