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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

e  Elipticity
E  Evaporites (soil type)
EA  (1) Emergency Action(s); (2) Electronic Attack; (3) Executive Agent
E&A  (1) Exploitation and Analysis; (2) Engineering and Administration
E3  (1) End-to-End Encryption; (2) Emergency and Extraordinary Expenses
EAC  (1) Emergency Action Console; (2) Echelons Above Corps
EACTPC  Echelon-Above-Corps Theater Production Center
EACIC  Echelon-Above-Corps Intelligence Center
EAD  (1) Echelon Above Division; (2) Earliest Arrival Date; (3) Extended Air Defense
EADSIM  Extended Air Defense Simulation
EAM  (1) Emergency Action Message; (2) Event Analysis Matrix
EAMA  African States Associated with the EEC
EAMAS  Emergency Action Message Authentication System
EAP  (1) Emergency Action Procedure; (2) Emergency Action Plan
EAS  Emergency Action System
EASTLANT  Eastern Atlantic Command (NATO)
EASTPAC  Eastern Pacific
EATTG  Enhanced Automated Tactical Target Graphics
EBS  Emergency Broadcast System
EC  (1) European Community; (2) Expenditure Center; (3) Electronic Combat
ECA  (1) Enemy Capability Assessment; (2) Earth Central Angle; (3) Enemy Courses of Action
ECAC  Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center
ECB Echelons Corps and Below
ECC  (1) Eurasian Communist Countries; (2) European Communist Countries; (3) European Community Commission
ECCM  Electronic Counter-Countermeasures
ECDB  EISS Consolidated Database
ECG  Emergency Coordination Group
ECI  External Communications Interface
ECM  (1) Electronic Countermeasures; (2) European Common Market
ECMA  European Computer Manufacturer’s Association
ECMC  Enhanced Crisis Management Capability
ECMO  European Collection Management Office
ECO  Electronic Collection Outstations
ECOA  Enemy Courses of Action
ECOWAS  Economic Community of West African States
ECP  (1) Emergency Communications Plan; (2) Entry Control Point
ECPL  Endorsed Data Encryption Standard Products List
ECS  (1) Electronic Combat Support; (2) European Communications Satellite
ECSC  European Coal and Steel Community
ECSM  (1) Special Assistant for Security Matters; (2) Enhanced Capability Stand-Off Munition
ECSO  European Command Special Operations
ECU  Environmental Control Unit (GSM)
ED  (1) European Capability Datum; (2) EUCOM Directive
EDA  Emergency Dissemination Authority(ies)
E-DAY  Start Day of an Exercise
EDI  European Defense Initiative
EDL  Electric Discharge Laser
EDM  Engineering Development Model
EDMS  Electronic Dissemination Management System
EDN  Emergency Data Network
EDP  (1) Electronic Data Processing; (2) ELINT Data Processor
EDPSELINT  Data Processing System
E-DRB  Expanded Defense (Planning &) Resources Board
EDRE  Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercises
E&E  Escape and Evasion
EEA  Essential Elements of Analysis
EEC  (1) European Economic Community; (2) East European Countries; (3) Enhanced Explosives Charge
EECT  End of Evening Civil Twilight
EEFI  Essential Elements of Friendly Information
EEI  Essential Elements of Information
EELS  Early Entry Lethality and Survivability
EELV  Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle
EENT  End Evening Nautical Twilight
EEO  Equal Employment Opportunity
EEOB  Enemy Electronic Order of Battle
EEOC  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EES  Emergency Evacuation Study
EFCS  Electronic Filmless Camera System
EFD  Electronic Fill Device
EFS  (1) Electronic Filing System; (2) Proper Name of System
EFTA  European Free Trade Association
EFTO  Encrypted for Transmission Only
EFVS  Electronic Fighting Vehicle System
EGA  Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EGADS  Electronic Generation, Accounting, and Distribution System
EGIS  East German Intelligence Service
EHF  Extremely High Frequency
EI  Effectiveness Index
EIA  Electronics Industry Association
EIB  (1) European Investment Bank; (2) External Intelligence Bureau
EIC  Economic Intelligence Committee
EIDB  EISS Integrated Database
EIDS  Electronic Information Delivery System
EIF  (1) ECMC Interface Facility; (2) Enhanced Interface Facility
EIG  Explosive Incendiary Grenade
EIP  ELlNT Improvement Program
EIRP  Effective Isotropic Radiated Power
EIS  Enhanced Imagery System
EISI  (1) Electrical Interface-SWPS/lDHS 2000; (2) Electrical IDHS-90/SWPS Interface
EISS  EUCOM Intelligence Support System
EITO  EUCOM Intelligence Training Office EKIP Enhanced Korean Information Package
EKMS  Electronic Key Management System
ELDO  (1) European Space Vehicle Launcher Development Organization; (2) European Launcher Development Organization
ELECTRO-OPINT  Electro-Optical Intelligence Element
ELECTRO-OPTINT  Electro-Optical Intelligence
ELEV  Elevation
ELF  Extremely Low Frequency
ELI  Emitter Location & Identification
Elm  Element
ELMT  Element
ELINT  Electronic Intelligence
ELISA  Electronic Intelligence Search & Analysis
ELNET  European Liaison Network
ELOS  Extended Line of Sight
ELS  Emitter Location System
ELSEC  Electronic Security
ELSET  (1) Element Set; (2) Proper Name of System
ELT  (1) Emergency Locator Transmitter; (2) Electronic Light Table
ELT  3000 Electronic Light Table for UNIX-based system
ELV  Expendable Launch Vehicle
EM  (1) Electromagnetic; (2) Enlisted Member; (3) Environmental Monitoring
E-Mail  Electronic Mail
EMA  European Monetary Agreement
EMAP  Electromagnetic Analysis Program
EMATS  Emergency Message Automatic Transmission System
EMC  Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMCS  ELINT Mission Control System
EMCON  Emission Control
EMCP  Electromagnetic Compatibility Program
EMD  Engineering and Manufacturing Development
E&MD  Engineering and Manufacturing Development
EMGTN  Equivalent Megatonnage
EMHS  EUCOM Message Handling System
EMI  Electromagnetic Interference
EMIDS  Experiment for Management Information Data Systems
EMINT  Emissions Intelligence
E-MIPE  Enhanced MIPE
EMIS  Early Mission Identification System
EMIT  Emergency Message Initiation Terminal
EMP  Electromagnetic Pulse
EMR  Electromagnetic Reconnaissance
EMSEC  Emanations/Emissions Security
EMT  (1) Emergency Management Team; (2) Equivalent Megatonnage
EMTR  Eastern Missile Test Range
EMUT  Enhanced Manpack UHF Terminal
En  Enemy
ENDEX  End Date of an Exercise
E-NET  Ethernet
Engr  Engineer
ENL  Enlisted
ENMCC  Expanded National Military Command Center
ENSCD  Enemy Situation and Correlation Division
ENSCE  Enemy Situation Correlation Element
ENSIT  Enemy Situation
ENTNAC  Entrance National Agency Check
EO  (1) Electro-Optical; (2) Executive Order; (3) Escape Orbit; (4) End Office
EOA  Early Operational Assessment
EOB  (1) Electronic Order of Battle; (2) Executive Office Building; (3) Enemy Order of Battle
EOBS  Electronic Order of Battle Server
EOC  Emergency Operations Center
EOD  (1) Explosive Ordnance Disposal; (2) Erasable Optical Disks
EOINT  Electro-Optical Intelligence
EOP  Emergency Operating Procedures
E-OPTINT  Electro-Optical Intelligence
EORSAT  ELINT Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite
EOS  Earth Observation Satellite
EOSAT  Earth Observation Satellite
EOSS  Electro-Optic Sensor System
EOTDA  Electro-Optical Tactical Decision Aids
EOW  Electro-Optic Warfare
EP  (1) ELINT Processor; (2) Electronic Protection
EP-3  U.S. Navy Reconnaissance Aircraft
EPA  (1) Environmental Protection Agency; (2) Evasion Plan of Action
EPAC  Eastern Pacific
EPAMS  Exercise Planning and Message System
EPAT  Earliest Possible Arrival Time
EPDS  (1) Electronic Processing and Dissemination System; (2) ELINT Processing and Dissemination System
EPF  Exploitation Products File
EPIC  El Paso Intelligence Center
EPIRB  Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon
EPL  (1) ELINT Parameters List; (2) Evaluated Products List
EPLRS  Enhanced Position Location and Reporting System
EPMO  European Production Management Office
EPR  (1) Extended Planning Annex; (2) Enlisted Performance Report
EPROM  Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EPS  (1) ELINT Processing System; (2) Electronic Publication System; (3) Exploitation Problem Set; (4) Encapsulated Postscript
EPW  (1) Earth Penetrator Weapon; (2) Enemy Prisoner of War
EPWG  Exploitation Plans Working Group
EPUU  Enhanced PLRS User Units
EQV  Equivalent
ER  (1) Enhanced Radiation; (2) Electronic Reconnaissance; (3) Eastern Region; (4) EAGLE REACH
ERA  (1) Extended Range Ammunition; (2) Equal Rights Amendment
ERADCOM  Electronic Research and Development Command
ERAST  Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology
ERBM  Extended Range Ballistic Missile
ERCS  Emergency Rocket Communications System
ERADCOM  Electronic Research and Development Command
ERDAS  Earth Resources Data Analysis System
ERF  Early Reinforcing Force
ERIN  Electronic Radio Intercept Network (USCS)
ERINT  Extended Range Intercept Missile
ERIR  Electronic Reconnaissance Intercept Report
ERIS  Exo-atmospheric Reentry Vehicle Interception System
EROS  Earth Resources Observational System
ERP  Effective Radiated Power
ERPHO  Earth Resources Photographic Satellite
ERRS  Emergency Regional Reporting System
ERS  (1) Emergency Relocation Site; (2) Earth Resources Satellite
ERSSO  Emergency Reaction Special Security Officer
ERT  Executive Reference Time
ERTM  Electronic Intelligence Request Tasking Message
ERTS  Earth Resources Technology Satellite
ERTZ  Equipment Radiation TEMPEST Zone
ERW  Enhanced Radiation Weapon
ES  (1) Emplacement Site; (2) Exploitation Support; (3) Electronic Warfare Support; (4) Expert System;
(5) Electronic Support
ESA  (1) European Space Agency; (2) Electronically Steered Antenna
ESAA  European Special Activities Area (U.S. Air Force)
ESAC  El Salvador Analysis Cell
ESAF  European Special Activities Facility
ESAMS  Enhanced Surface-to-Air Missile Simulation
ESAR  Enhanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
ESC  Electronic Security Command (U.S. Air Force)
ESD  (1) Electronic Systems Division; (2) Ephemeris Support Data; (3) Exploitation Support Section (JSIPS)
ESF  (1) Environmental Scale Factor; (2) Extended Superframe Formatted
ESG  (1) Electronic Security Group; (2) Exploitation Steering Group
ESI  Extremely Sensitive Information
ESIAC  Electronic Satellite Image Analysis Center
ESJ  Escort Jamming
ESM  (1) Electronic Warfare Support Measures: (2) Electronic Support Measures; (3) Electronic Security Measures
ESMC  Eastern Space and Missile Center
ESMT  External Supply Management Tools
ESP  Emergency Special Measures
ESR  ELINT Summary Report
ESRO  European Space Research Organization
ESS  (1) Electronic Security Squadron; (2) ELINT Support System; (3) Exploitation Support Segment; (4) Exercise Support Subsystem; (5) Electronic Switching System; (6) Exploitation Support Section (JSIPS)
ESSA  (1) Expert System for Situation Assessment; (2) Environmental Satellite Service Administration
ESSM  Electronic Shop, Shelter-Mounted
Est  Estimated
ESV  Earth Satellite Vehicle
ESW  Electronic Security Wing
ET  (1) Enhanced Terminal; (2) Earth Terminal; (3) Embedded Training
ETA  (1) Estimated Time of Arrival; (2) Equivalent Target Area
ETAC  Enlisted Terminal Attack Controllers
ETAP  Education Training Awareness Program
ETAWG  ELINT Technical Analysis Working Group
ETC  (1) Estimated Time of Completion; (2) Et Cetera
ETD  (1) Estimated Time of Departure; (2) Effective Transfer Date
ETDS  Elapsed Time Distribution System
ETF  Enhanced Tactical Fighter
ETHICS  European Theater High Capacity Intelligence Communications System
ETI  Estimated Time of Impact
ETIBS  Enhanced Tactical Information Broadcast Service
ETII  External-to-Internal Interface
ETIWCS  European Theater Intelligence Warning and Communications System
ETL  (1) Endorsed Tools List; (2) Engineer Topographic Laboratories
ETO  (1) European Theater of Operations; (2) Earth-To-Orbit
ETP  (1) Extended Tether Program; (2) Enhanced Thermal Protection
ETPL  Endorsed TEMPEST Products List
ETR  (1) Estimated Time of Return; (2) Eastern Test Range
ETRAC  Enhanced Tactical Radar Correlator
ETRO  Estimated Time Return to Operation
ETS  (1) European Telephone System; (2) Estimated Time of Separation; (3) Expiration of Term of Service; (4) Earth Technology Satellite; (5) Engineer Test Satellite
ETSC  Electronic and Telecommunications Subcommittee
ETSS  Electronic Telecommunications Switching System
ETTP  EUCOM Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
ETUT  Enhanced Tactical User Terminal
EU  Expenditure Unit
EUCI  Endorsed for Unclassified Cryptographic Information
EUCOM  U.S. European Command
EUCOM/JIC  (1) U.S. European Command/Joint Intelligence Command; (2) EUCOM Joint Intelligence Center
EUDAC  European Defense Analysis Center
EUF  ECME User Facility
EUL  Economically Useful Life
EUMETSAT  European Meteorological Satellite (Organization)
EURATOM  European Atomic Energy Community
EUSA  Eighth U.S. Army (Korea)
EUSC  Effective United States Controlled
EUTE  Early User Test & Evaluation
EUTELSAT  European Telecommunications Satellite (Organization)
EUV  Extreme Ultraviolet
EUVE  Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer
EV  Enforcement Vector
EVA  Extra-Vehicular Activity
EVC  DoD Evasion Chart
EVO  Event Verification Officer
EVR  Enemy Vulnerability Report
EVS  Electronic Visual Communications
EW  (1) Electronic Warfare; (2) Early Warning
EW/GCI  Early Warning/Ground Control Intercept
EWAC  Electronic Warfare Anechoic Chamber
EWAS  Electronic Workorder Accounting System
EWC  (1) Electronic Warfare Center; (2) Electronic Warfare Coordinator
EWCC  Electronic Warfare Coordination Center
EWCM  Electronic Warfare Coordination Module
EWCS  Electronic Warfare Control System
EWIR  Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming
EWIRS  Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming System
EWMIS  Electronic Warfare Management Information System
EWMS  EW Mission Summary
EWO  (1) Electronic Warfare Officer; (2) Emergency War Order
EWOPFAC  Electronic Warfare Operating Facility
EWR  (1) Early Warning Radar; (2) Electronic Warfare Reprogramming
EWRL  Electronic Warfare Reprogrammable Library
EWS  Electronic Warfare Support
EWSE  EW Support Element
EWSM  Electronic Warfare Support Measures
EWSO  EW Staff Officer
EXCRIT  Exercise Critique System
EXDEF  Exercise Deficiency Program
EXCAP  Exercise Capability (simulator)
EXCOM  Community Executive Committee
ExDir/ICA  Executive Director for Intelligence Community Affairs
EXDIS  Exclusive Distribution (Pneumatic Tube Message Precedence)
EXEC  Executive
EXERTAS  Exercise Timeline Analysis System
EXFIL  Exfiltration
EXO  Exoatmosheric
EXOPLAN  Exercise Operations Plan
EXPER  Experience
EXPL  Exploitation
EXPLAN  Exercise Plan
ExPReS  Expoitation Process Reengineering Study
EXRAND  Exploitation Research and Development (COMIREX)
EXSCEN  Exercise Scenario System
EXSUBCOM  Exploitation Subcommittee (COMIREX)
EXSUM  Executive Summary
EXTAC  Experimental Tactics



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