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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

C  (1) Crisis; (2) Confidential; (3) Coniferous
C1  Combined Staff Personnel Officer
C2  (1) Command and Control; (2) Combined or Coalition Forces Intelligence Staff
C2S2LAN  Command and Control Support System LAN
C2W  Command & Control Warfare
C3  Command, Control, and Communications
C3OB  C3 Order of Battle
C3S  Command, Control, and Communications Systems
C4  Command, Control, Communications, and Computers
C4ISR  Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
C4S  Command, Control, Communications, and Computer System
C5  Combined Staff Strategic Planning and Policy Officer
C6  Combined Staff Command, Control and Communications Systems Officer
CA  (1) Cryptanalysis; (2) Heavy Cruiser; (3) Civil Affairs; (4) Combat Assessment; (5) Controlling Authority;
(6) COMSEC Account; (7) Command Authority; (8) Counterair
CAA  (1) Concepts Analysis Agency (U.S. Army); (2) Combined Arms Army (FSU); (3) Command Arrangement Agreement
CAB  (1) Current Analysis Branch; (2) Civil Affairs Brigade; (3) Civil Affairs Battalion
CAC  (1) Combined Arms Center; (2) Collection Advisory Center; (3) Control and Analysis Center; (4) Crisis Action Center; (5) Civil Affairs Command; (6) Civil Applications Committee; (7)  U.S. Army Combined Arms Command
CACDA  Combined Arms Combat Development Activity
CACM  Central American Common Market
CACTIS  Community/Computer Automated Counterterrorism Intelligence System
CAD  (1) Computer-Assisted Design; (2) Conceptual Architecture Document
CADES  COMIREX Advanced Exploitation System
CADIZ  (1) Canadian Air Defense Identification Zone; (2) Coastal Air Defense Identification Zone
CADOB  Consolidated Air Defense Order of Battle
CADS  Containerized Ammunition Distribution System
CADST  Civil Affairs Direct Support Team
CAE  Computer Aided Engineering
CAF  (1) Crisis Augmentation Facility; (2) Combat Air Forces
CAFMS  Computer-Assisted Force Management System
CAG  (1) Carrier Air Group; (2) Collective Address Group; (3) Commander, Air Group
CAI  Computer-Aided Instruction
CAIF  Command Automated Intelligence File
CAIMS  Conventional Ammunition Information Management System
CAJIT  Central America Joint Intelligence Team
CaLANdar  Da Vinci E-Mail Application
CALS  Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support
CALT  Civil Affairs Liaison Team
CAM  (1) Computer-Assisted Modeling; (2) Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAMO  Computer-Aided Manual Operation
CAMPS  (1) Computer-Aided Management Planning System; (2) Computer-Aided Mission Planning System;
(3) Compartmented All-Source Analysis System Message Processing System
CAMS  (1) COMIREX Automated Management System; (2) Communications Area Master Station
CANDOB  Consolidated Aerospace Defense Order of Battle
CANR  Canadian NORAD Region
CAN  Coastal Air Navigation Supplement
CANT  Chinese Atmospheric Nuclear Test
CANUK  US Canada, United Kingdom, United States
CANUS  Canadian - United States
CANUS LANDOP  Canada-United States Land Operations Plan
CAO  (1) Crisis Action Organization; (2) Chief Administrative Officer; (3) Central Action Office
CAO(SOP)  Coordination of Atomic Operations (Standard Operating Procedure)
CAOC  Combined Air Operations Center
CAOCC  Combined Air Operations Coordination Center
CAP  (1) Combat Air Patrol; (2) Civil Air Patrol; (3) Countermeasures Advisory Panel; (4) Crisis Action Planning; (5) Crisis Action Procedures; (6) Capabilities
CAPSULE JACK  Proper Name of System
CAR  (1) Canadian Airborne Regiment; (2) Chief, Army Reserve
CARC  Corrective Action Review Committee
CARDA  (1) Continental Airborne Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment; (2) CONUS Airborne Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment
CARE  Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere, Inc.
CARG  Crisis Action Review Group
CARGRU  Carrier Group
CARIBJIC  Caribbean Joint Intelligence Center
CARIBROC  Caribbean Regional Operations Center
CARICOM  Caribbean Common Market
CARIFTA  Caribbean Free Trade Association
CARL  Category Assignment Responsibility List
CARP  Computed Air Release Point
CARS  (1) Contingency Airborne Reconnaissance System; (2) Common Automated Recovery System
CARVE  Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, and Effect
CARVER  Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, Effects and Recognizability
CAS  (1) Close Air Support; (2) Calibrated Air Speed; (3) Collision Avoidance System; (4) Crisis Action System; (5) Crisis Action Staff; (6) Combined Arms and Services Staff School
CASC  Crisis Action Support Cell
CASE  Computer-Assisted Software Engineering
CASIC  Combined All-Source Intelligence Center
CASLAN  Command Automated Software Local Area Network
CASS  (1) Collection Analysis Support Subsystem; (2) Command Activated Sonobuoy System
CAST  (1) Catalogue of Approved Scientific and Technical Intelligence Tasks; (2) Canadian Air/Sea Transport Group; (3) Computer-Assisted Self Training; (4) Computer Assisted Satellite Track
CAT  (1) Conventional Arms Transfer; (2) Crisis Action Team; (3) Combined Arms Team; (4) Crisis Augmentation Team; (5) Category
CAT-1  RECategory-1 Receive Equipment
CATF  (1) Commander, Amphibious Task Force; (2) Civil Affairs Task Force
CATIS  (1) Computer-Aided Tactical Information System; (2) Computer-Aided Tactical Intelligence System
CATIS/IESS  Computer-Aided Tactical Information System/Imagery Exploitation Support System
CATS  (1) Combined Arms Training Systems; (2) Combat Airlift Tactics’ School
CATSS  Cartographic Applications for Tactical and Strategic Systems
CAV  Cavalry
CAVU  Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited
CAWS  Commercial Analyst Work Station
CB  Chemical, Biological
C-band  3.9 to 6.2 GHz Communications Band
CBD  Commerce Business Daily
CBF  Common Budget Framework
CBI  (1) Complete Background Investigation; (2) Computer Based Instruction
CBI/T  Computer-Based Instruction/Training
CBJB  Congressional Budget Justification Book
CBM  Confidence Building Measure(s)
CBO  Congressional Budget Office
CBR  (1) Chemical, Biological, and Radiological; (2) Case Based Reasoning; (3) Constant Bit Rate
CBRN  Caribbean Basin Radar Network
CBRS  Concept Based Requirements System
CBS  Combat Battle Simulation
CBT  (1) Computer-Based Training; (2) Combating Terrorism
CBTDEV  Combat Developer
CBTI  Combat Intelligence
CBU  Cluster Bomb Unit
CBW  Chemical and Biological Warfare
CBZ  Confidence Building Zone
CC  (1) Command Center; (2) Command Ship; (3) Cloud Cover; (4) Collection Center; (5) Computer Compatible; (6) Communications Controller; (7) Commander
C-C3  Counter Command, Control, and Communications
CCA  Communications Control Authority
CCB  Configuration Control Board
CCC  (1) CARDA Control Center; (2) Consolidated Command Center; (3) Command and Control Center
CCD  (1) Conference of the Committee on Disarmament; (2) Charged Coupled Device; (3) Camouflage,
Concealment, and Deception
CCE  Contingency Communications Element
CCEB  Combined Communications Electronic Board
CCEP  Commercial COMSEC Endorsement Program
CCF  Collection Coordination Facility
CCF-SS  Collection Coordination Facility-Support System
CCG  (1) Combat Control Group; (2) Crisis Coordination Group; (3) Combat Communications Group
CCG-NB  Communications Control Ground-Narrowband
CCGD  Commander, Coast Guard District
CCGP  Combat Communications Group
CCHC  Headquarters Commandant
CCI  Controlled Cryptographic Item
CCIC  Concentrated Counterdrugs Intelligence Collection
CCIP  Command Center Improvement Program
CCIR  International Radio Consultative Committee (French Acronym)
CCIRID  Charge-Coupled Infrared Imaging Device
CCIRM  Collection Coordination and Intelligence Requirements Management
CCIS  (1) Command, Control, and Intelligence Support; (2) Common Channel Intelligence Signaling
CCISCMO  Community Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures Office
CCISS  Command & Control Intelligence Support Squadron
CCITT  Consultative Committee for International Telephone and Telegraph
CCJ1  USCENTCOM Manpower, Personnel, and Administration Directorate
CCJ2  USCENTCOM Intelligence Directorate
CCJ3  USCENTCOM Operations Directorate
CCJ4/J7  USCENTCOM Logistics and Security Assistance Directorate
CCJ5  USCENTCOM Plans and Policy Directorate
CCJ6  USCENTCOM Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems Directorate
CCJA  USCENTCOM Staff Judge Advocate
CCM  (1) Cross-Country Movement; (2) Counter-Countermeasure
C3CM  Command, Control, and Communications Countermeasures
CCMF  Consolidated Collection Management Facility
CCN  Crisis Communications Network (CIA)
CCO  (1) Communication Collection Outstation; (2) COMINT Collection Outstation; (3) Circuit Control Officer; (4) Chief, Combat Operations
CCO/SCO  Central Control Office/Sub-Control Office
CCP  (1) Consolidated Cryptologic Program; (2) Communications Checkpoint; (3) Contingency
Communications Package
CCPC  Critical Collection Problems Committee
CCPDS  Command Center Processing and Display System
CCPDS-R  Command Center Processing and Display System Replacement
CCS  (1) Collection Capabilities Statement (HUMINT); (2) COMINT Collection Subsystem (3) Combat Control Squadron; (4) Communications Control Set; (5) Command and Control Systems; (6) Constellation Control Station
CCS2  Command and Control Subordinate System
CCSA  USCENTCOM Scientific and Technical Advisor
CCSC  Cryptologic Combat Support Console
CCT  (1) Combat Control Team; (2) Combat Coordination Team
CCTC  Command and Control Technical Center
CCTF  (1) Contingency Communications Test Facility; (2) Combined Coalition Task Force
CCTP  Continuously Computed Target Point
CCTS  Combat Crew Training Squadron
CCTT  Close Combat Tactical Trainer
CCTV  Closed Circuit Television
CCTW  Combat Control Training Wing
CCWT  Command Center Watch Team
CD  (1) Controlled Dissemination; (2) Certificate of Destruction; (3) Civil Defense; (4) Coastal Defense; (5) Calendar Day; (6) Committee on Disarmament; (7) Collateral Damage; (8) Compact Disc; (9) Command Ship; (10) Counter Drug; (11) Command Director; (12) Combat Developments; (13) Community/Service-Developed
C&D Cover and Deception
CDA  Congressionally Directed Action
CDC  (1) Career Development Course; (2) Combat Direction Center; (3) Combat Development Center
CD-ROM  Compact Disk-Read-Only Memory
CDAS  Central Data and Applications Support
C-Day  Day in Which Movement From Origin Begins
CDB  Central Data Base
CDCS  Communications Distribution Control Segment
CDE  (1) Conference on Disarmament in Europe; (2) Compound Damage Expectancy; (3) Center of Distance Education
CDEC  Captured Document Exploitation Center
CDF  Central Document File
CDI  Compact Disc Interactive
CDIP  (1) Consolidated Defense Intelligence Program; (2) Council of Defense Intelligence Producers
CDIS  (1) Communications Data Interface System; (2) Counterdrug Intelligence System
CDIST  Canadian Department of Industry, Science, and Technology
CDL  Common (high bandwidth) Data Link
CDLF  Consolidated Domestic Launch Forecast
CDM  Common Digital Map
CDMA  Code Division Multiple Access
CDP  (1) Central Data Processor; (2) Company Distributing Point
CDPS  Coherent Data Processing System
CDR  (1) Critical Design Review; (2) Commander
CDRL  Contract Data Requirements List
CDRUSAJFKSWC  Commander, United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center
CDRWESTCOM  Commander, U.S. Army Western Command
CDS  (1) Chief of Defence Staff (Canadian); (2) Combat Delivery System; (3) Cryptographic Device Services; (4) Combat Direction System
CDSE  Cryptologic Direct Support Element
CDSORG  Civil Direction of Shipping Organization
CDST  C3CM Data Support Team
CDT  (1) Central Daylight Time; (2) Communications Data Terminal
CDTS  Computer-Directed Training System
CDU  Control Display Unit
CDV  Compressed Digital Video
CE  (1) Circular Error; (2) Cost Effectiveness; (3) Civil Engineer; (4) Communications-Electronics; (5) Corps of Engineers (U.S. Army); (6) Current Exploitation; (7) Counterespionage; (8) Command Element; (9) Collection Emphasis
C&E  Collection and Exploitation
C-E  Communications Electronics
CEAO  West African Economic Community
CEC  (1) Cooperative Engagement Capability; (2) Consolidated Expenditure Center
CECOM  Communications and Electronics Command
CED  (1) Collection, Exploitation, and Dissemination; (2) Captured Enemy Document
CEE  Captured Enemy Equipment
CEI  Communications Electronic Instructions
CEL  Celestial
CELT  Current Emitter Location Testbed
CEM  Concepts Evaluation Model
CEMA  Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
CENTAF  (1) Central Region Air Forces (NATO); (2) U.S. Air Force Component, USCENTCOM
CENTAG  Central Army Group (NATO)
CENTAM  Central America
CENTCOM  U.S. Central Command
CENTJIC  Joint Intelligence Center USCENTCOM
CENTLANT  Central Sub-Area of Eastern Atlantic Area
CENTO  Central Treaty Organization
CEO  (1) Communications Electronic Officer (USMC); (2) Chief Executive Officer
CEOI  Communications Electronics Operations Instructions
CEP  (1) Circular Error Probable; (2) Construction Electrician (Power); (3) Common Electronic Parts; (4) Civil Emergency Planning; (5) Committee for Energy Policy of OECD; (6) Capital Equipment Plan; (7) Concept Evaluation Program
CEPG  Combined Exercise Planning Group
CEPIR  Current Exploitation Photographic Interpretation Report
CEPR  Compromising Emanation Performance Requirement
CER  (1) Cryptographic Equipment Room; (2) Communication Equipment Room
CERP  (1) Combined Economic Reporting Program; (2) Capital Equipment Replacement Program
CERT  Computer Security Emergency Response Team
CES  Concept Exploration Studies
CESM  Cryptologic Electronic Warfare Support Measures
CEST  Contingency Exploitation Support Team
CETA  Chinese-English Translation Assistance
CEWI  Combat Electronic Warfare Intelligence
CF  Canadian Forces
C6F  Commander, U.S. Sixth Fleet
C7F  Commander, U.S. Seventh Fleet
CFA  (1) Combined Field Army (Korea); (2) Covering Force Area; (3) Combined Force Air Component Commander
CFB  Canadian Forces Base
CFC  (1) Combined Field Command (Korea); (2) Combined Forces Command (ROK/US); (3) Combined Federal Campaign
CCFC  Commander in Chief, ROK-U.S. Combined Forces Command
CFD  Common Fill Device
CFE  (1) Conventional Forces Europe; (2) Communications Front-End
CFER  CFE Replacement
CFE-U  Communications Front-End-Upgrade
CFI&I  Center for Integration and Interoperability
CFIS  Combined Forces Command Information System, (CFC)
CFL  (1) Coordinated Fire Line; (2) Cease-Fire Line
CFMS  Combat Fuels Management System
CFP  (1) Contingency Force Pool; (2) Concept Formulation Process
CFR  Commander Force Reconnaissance
CFSO  Counterintelligence Force Protection Source Operations
CFSR  Contract Funds Status Report
CFV  Cavalry Fighting Vehicle
cg  Center of Gravity
CG  (1) Guided-Missile Cruiser; (2) Consolidated Guidance; (3) Commanding General; (4) Coast Guard; (4) Chairman’s Guidance
CGEUSA  Commanding General, 8th US Army
CGF  Central Group of Forces (FSU Forces in Czechoslovakia)
CGFMFLANT  Commanding General, Fleet Marine Forces Atlantic
CGM  Computer Graphics Metafile
CGN  Guided Missile Cruiser Nuclear Powered
CGS  (1) Coast & Geodetic Survey; (2) Common Ground Station; (3) CONUS Ground Station
CGSC  Command and General Staff College (U.S. Army)
CGUSARPAC  Commanding General U.S. Army Pacific
cGy/hr  CentiGray hour
CH  (1) Aviation Cruiser; (2) Channel; (3) Communication Helmet
CHAALS  Communications High Accuracy Airborne Location System
CHAALS-X  CHAALS Exploitation
CHABNCP  Chief, Airborne Command Post
CHAMPUS  Civilian Health And Medical Program of the Uniformed Services
CHARS  Characters
CHB  Cargo Handling Battalion
CHBDL  Communications High Bandwidth Data Link
CHCMSA  Chief, Cruise Missile Support Activity
CHCSS  (1) Chief, Central Security Service; (2) Chief, Cryptologic Support Service
CHG  Guided-Missile Aviation Cruiser
CHGN  Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Aviation Cruiser
CHIP  Communications Handbook for Intelligence Planners
CHJUSMAGK  Chief, Joint U.S. Military Assistance Group, Korea
CHJUSMAGPHIL  Chief, Joint U.S. Military Assistance Group, Philippines
CHJUSMAGTHAI  Chief, Joint U.S. Military Assistance Group, Thailand
CHMAAGDOMREP  Chief, Military Assistance and Advisory Group, Dominican Republic
CHMDO JAPAN  Chief, Military Defense Office, Japan
CHN  Nuclear-Powered Aviation Cruiser
CHODC INDIA  Chief, Office of Defense Cooperation, India
CHOP  (1) Change of Operational Command; (2) Change of Operational Control
C-HUMINT  Counter Human Resources Intelligence
CHUSMLO  Chief, U.S. Military Liaison Office
CI  (1) Counterintelligence; (2) Counterinsurgency; (3) Current Intelligence
C2I  Command, Control, & Intelligence
C3I  Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
C4I  Command, Control, Communications, Computers, &  Intelligence
C4I2  Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence and Information
CIA  Central Intelligence Agency
CIAC  Computer Incident Assessment Capability
CIAD  (1) Combat Intelligence Applications Division; (2) Command Intelligence Architecture Document
CIAP  (1) CIA Program; (2) Command Intelligence Architecture/Planning Program
CIARDSCIA  Retirement and Disability System
CIAS  Counterintelligence Analysis Section
CIB  Combat Infantryman’s Badge
CIC  (1) Combat Information Center; (2) Combat Intelligence Center; (3) Combined Intelligence Center
C3IC  Coalition Coordination and Communications Integration Center
CICAC  Counterintelligence Control and Analysis Center
CICC  Consolidated Intelligence Communications Center
CIC  Server Combined Intelligence Center Server
CICWS  Combined Intelligence Center Workstation
CID  (1) Criminal Investigation Division; (2) Combat Intelligence Division
CIDBS  Combined Intelligence Center Integrated Database Server
CIDC  Combined Interview and Debriefing Center
CIE  Communication Intercept and Exploitation
CIEF  Consolidated Imagery Exploitation Facility
CIF  (1) Corps Interrogation Facility; (2) Consolidated Intelligence Facility
CIFAX  Enciphered Facsimile
C4IFTW  C4I For The Warrior
CIG  (1) Computer Image Generation; (2) Combined Intelligence Group
CIGSS  Common Imagery Ground Surface System
CIHS  Classified Information Handling System
CIK  Crypto-Ignition Key
CIIC  Current Intelligence and Indications Center
CIID  Command Intelligence Implementation Document
CILMS  Covert Infrared Lighting and Marking System
CILO  Counterintelligence Liaison Office(r)
CILOP  Conversion in Lieu of Procurement
CIM  Corporate Information Management
CIMAS  CENTCOM Iranian Military Activities Summary
CIMEX  Civil Military Exercise (NATO)
C-IMINT  Counter Imagery Intelligence
CIMOC  Civil Military Operations Center
CIMP  COMSEC Interoperability Master Plan
CIN  Cargo Increment Number
CINC  (1) Commander in Chief; (2) Commander of a Combatant Command
CINCACOM  Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Command
CINCAFLANT  Commander in Chief, United States Air Forces, Atlantic
CINCAL  Commander in Chief, Alaska
CINCARLANT  Commander in Chief, United States Army Forces, Atlantic
CINCCENT  Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Central Europe (NATO)
CINCCFC  Commander in Chief, Combined Forces Command, Korea
CINCEASTLANT  Commander in Chief, Eastern Atlantic (NATO)
CINCENT  Commander in Chief, Allied Forces, Central Europe
CINCEUR  Commander in Chief, U.S. Forces Europe
CINCFOR  Commander in Chief, Forces Command
CINCFORSCOM  Commander in Chief, U.S. Army Forces
CINCHAN  Commander in Chief, Channel (NATO)
CINCIBERLANT  Commander in Chief, Iberian Atlantic Area
CINCLANT  Commander in Chief, Atlantic Command
CINCLANTFLT  Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet
CINCLANTFLTDETSO  Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet Detachment SOUTHCOM
CINCMAC  Commander in Chief, Military Airlift Command (archaic)
CINCNORAD  Commander in Chief, North American Air Defense Command
CINCNORTH  Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Northern Europe (NATO)
CINCONAD Commander in Chief, Continental Air Defense Command
CINCPAC  Commander in Chief, Pacific Command
CINCPACAF  Commander in Chief, Pacific Air Force
CINCPACFLT  Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet
CINCPACREP  Commander in Chief, Pacific Representative
CINCSAC  Commander in Chief, Strategic Air Command
CINCSOC  Commander in Chief, Special Operations Command
CINCSO  Commander in Chief, Southern Command
CINCSOUTH  Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe (NATO)
CINCSPACE  Commander in Chief, U.S. Space Command
CINCSPECOMME  Commander in Chief, Specified Command, Middle East
CINCTAC  Commander in Chief, Tactical Air Command
CINCTRANS  Commander in Chief, Unified Transportation Command
CINCTRANSCOM  Commander in Chief, U.S. Transportation Command
CINCUKAIR Commander in Chief, United Kingdom Air Defense Region (NATO)
CINCUNC  Commander in Chief, United Nations Command
CINCUSACOM  Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Command
CINCUSAFE  Commander in Chief, U.S. Air Forces, Europe
CINCUSAREUR  Commander in Chief, United States Army, Europe
CINCUSARPAC  Commander in Chief, United States Army, Pacific
CINCUSNAVEUR  Commander in Chief, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe
CINCWESTLANT  Commander in Chief, Western Atlantic (NATO)
CINF  Community Imagery Needs Forecast
CINSGCY  Counterinsurgency
CIO  (1) Central Imagery Office; (2) Chief Information Officer
CIOC  (1) Combined Intelligence Operations Center (Korea); (2) Combat Intelligence Operations Center
CIOP  (1) Controlled Intelligence Operational Proposal; (2) CIO Program
CIP  (1) Consolidated Intelligence Program; (2) Country Information Package; (3) Critical Intelligence Parameter; (4) Combined Interoperability Program; (5) Crypto-Ignition Plug; (6) Correlation and Integration Processor
CIPE  (US) CENTCOM Imagery Production Element
CIPEC  Intergovernmental Council of Copper Exporting Countries
CIPHONY  Enciphered Telephone
CIPL  ClNC’s Integrated Priority List
CIPMS  Career Intelligence Professional Management System
CIPR  (1) Consolidated Intelligence Production Requirement; (2) Counterintelligence Production Registry
CIPS  Counterintelligence Periodic Summary
C2IPS  C2 Information Processing System
CIR  (1) Central Intelligence Report; (2) Continuing Intelligence Requirement
CIRC  Central Information Reference and Control
CIRCOL  Central Information Reference and Control On-Line System
CIRIS  Consolidated Intelligence Resources Information System
CIRK  Common Interswitch Rekeying Key
CIRL  Current Intelligence Requirements List
CIRT  Computer Security Incident Response Team
CIRVlS  Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings
CIS  (1) Country Intelligence Study; (2) Communications Intercept System; (3) Compensated Imaging System; (4) Canadian Intelligence Service; (5) Chief, Intelligence and Security (Canadian); (6) Combat Instruction Set; (7) Combat Information System; (8) Commonwealth of Independent States; (9) Combat Intelligence System
CISA  C4I Integration Support Activity
CISC  Counterintelligence Support Cell
C3ISC  C3I Systems Committee
CI/SCM  Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures
CISD  Command Intelligence Strategy Document
CISE  (1) (US) CENTCOM Intelligence Support Element; (2) Corps Intelligence Support Element
CISO  (1) Counterintelligence Support Officer; (2) Counterintelligence Staff Officer
CISR  Communications Intelligence Security Regulation
C4ISR  Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
CIT  Counterintelligence Team
CITA  Combat Intelligence and Targeting on Arrival
CITS  CENTCOM Imagery Transmission System
CIV  Civilian
CIVC  Carrier Intelligence Center
CIVIC  Civilian Vulnerability Indicator Code
CISION  Enciphered Television
CIW  (1) Consolidated Intelligence Watch; (2) CMOC Intelligence Watch
CIWC  CIW Commander
CIWG  Cooperative Interaction Working Group
CIWS  Close-In Weapon System
C&J  Collection and Jamming
CJB  Congressional Justification Book
CJCS  Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJCSI  Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction
CJIATF-E  Commander, Joint Interagency Task Force-East
CJIATF-W  Commander, Joint Interagency Task Force-West
CJIT  Combined Joint Interrogation Team
CJTF  Commander, Joint Task Force
CJTF-AK  Commander, Joint Task Force-Alaska
CJTF-FA  Commander, Joint Task Force-Full Accounting
CK  Compartment Key
CKG  Cooperative Key Generation
CL  Light Cruiser
C-LAMP  Community Laser Measurement Program
CLASS  Close Air Support System
Class  Classification/Classified
C&LB  Coasts and Landing Beaches
CLF  Commander, Landing Force
CLMD  COMSEC Local Management Device
CLNC  Clearance
CLO  (1) Counterdrug Liaison Officer; (2) Chief Logistics Officer
CLOCE  Contingency Lines of Communication, Europe
CLS  (1) Contractor Logistics Support; (2) Clandestine Lighting System
CLSC  COMSEC Logistics Support Center
CLSP  Composite Launch Sequence Plan
CL/TECH  Clear Language Technical Report
cm  Centimeter
CM  (1) Memorandum by the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; (2) Collection Management; (3) Countermeasure(s); (4) Cruise Missile; (5) Collection Manager; (6) Collection Management Division; (7) Countermine; (8) Countermine Activities
CMA  (1) Countermission Analysis; (2) Collection Management Authority; (3) Community Management Account
CMAA  (1) Command Master at Arms; (2) Chief Master at Arms
CMAFB  Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base
CMAFS  Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station
CMAH  CINC Mobile Alternate Headquarters
CMAS  Cheyenne Mountain Air Station
C-MASINT  Counter-Measures and Signature Intelligence
CMB  Collection Management Branch
CMC  (1) Cheyenne Mountain Complex; (2) Commandant, U.S Marine Corps; (3) Command Master Chief
C/MC  Command Master Chief
CMCA  Cruise Missile Carrier Aircraft
CMCC  (1) Commander in Chief, Mobile Command Center; (2) Component Mobile Command Center
CMCDS  Community Multilateral Counterterrorism Database System
CMCI  Computed Mission Coverage Index
CMCM  Commandant, U.S. Marine Corp Memorandum
CMCS  (1) COMSEC Material Control System; (2) COMINT Mission Control System
CMD  (1) Collection Management Division; (2) Command
CMDC  Command Cell
CMDR  Commander
CM&D  Collection Management and Dissemination
CME  Communications Monitoring Equipment
CMEA  Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
CMEC  Captured Material Exploitation Center
CMF  Combat Mission Folder
CMFC  Combined Marine Forces Command
CMIC  Combined Military Interrogation Center
CMISE  Corps Military Intelligence Support Element
CML  Chemical
CMO  (1) Collection Management Office; (2) Civil Military Operations; (3) Central MASINT Office
CMOC  (1) Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center; (2) Civil Military Operations Center; (3) Central MASINT Operations Cell
CMOS  Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CMOTF  Civil Military Operations Task Force
CMP  (1) Combat Mission Planning; (2) Configuration Management Plan
CMPF  Confidential Military Purpose Funds
CMPS  Compartmented Mode Processing System
CMR  Crisis Management Room
CMRS  Collection Management Requirements System
CMS  (1) Combat Mission Section; (2) Command and Management System; (3) Community Management Staff; (4) Collection Management System; (5) Common Mapping Standard
CMS/RMG  Community Management Staff, Resource Management Group
CMSA  Cruise Missile Support Activity
CMSI  Civilian Multi-Spectral Imagery
CMSS  Collection Management Support System
CMST  (1) Collection Management Support Terminal; (2) Collection Management System Tools
CMT  (1) Crisis Management Team; (2) Critical Mobile Target
CMTC  Combat Maneuver Training Center
CMTC-IS  CMTC-Instrumentation System
CMTS  (1) Critical Mobile Target Server; (2) Compliance Monitoring Tracking System
CMW/CMWS  Compartmented Mode Workstation
CN  Counternarcotics
CNA  (1) Center for Naval Analysis; (2) Coordinates Not Available; (3) Critical Node Analysis
CNAC  (1) Customs National Air Command, Oklahoma City; (2) Customs National Aviation Center
CNAD  Conference on NATO Armament Directors
CNAVSPACECOM  Commander, Navy Space Command
CNC  (1) Counternarcotics Center; (2) Computerized Numerical Control
CNCS  Cryptonet Control Station
CN-CMS  Counternarcotics Command and Management System
CNES  Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (French National Space Agency)
CNET  (1) Chief of Naval Education and Training; (2) Centre National d’Etudes Des Telecommunications
C3NET  Command, Control, and Communications Networks
CNFJ  Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Japan
CNFK  Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Korea
CNFM  Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Marianas
CNI  (1) Communicating NATO Intentions; (2) Communications, Navigation, or Identification
CNIC  Combined Naval Intelligence Center
CNIN  Composite Network, Front-End Internal Network
CNIPS  Counternarcotics Information Processing System
CNK  Cryptonet Key
CNMI  Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
CNN  Cable News Network
CNO  Chief of Naval Operations
C/No  Ratio of carrier to noise in a 1Hz bandwidth
CNOC  (1) Counternarcotics Operations Center; (2) Combined Naval Operations Center
CNOM  Chief of Naval Operations Memorandum
CNOR  Command Not Operationally Ready
CNR  (1) Chief of Naval Research; (2) Combat Net Radio
CNRIU  Combat Net Radio Interface Unit
CNS  Commercial Network Survivability
CNSWTG  Commander, Naval Special Warfare Task Group
CNTL  Command Nuclear Target List
CNVFD  Color Night Vision Fusion Device
CNWDI  Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information
CO  (1) Commanding Officer; (2) Company
CO3  Combined Staff Public and Governmental Affairs Officer
CO6  Combined Staff Judge Advocate
CO7  Combined Staff Command Surgeon
COA  Course of Action
COB  (1) Close of Business; (2) Collated Operating Base; (3) Chief of Base; (4) Command Operating Budget
COBE  Cosmic Background Explorer
COBOL  Common Business Oriented Language
COC  Combat Operations Center
COCOM  (1) Coordinating Committee; (2) Combatant Command
COD  Carrier On-board Delivery
CODIS  Continuity of Defense Intelligence Systems
COE  Common Operating Environment
COEA  Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis
COFIR  Compendium of Future Intelligence Requirements
COFs  Central Operating Facilities
CofS  Chief of Staff
COG  (1) Combined Operations Group; (2) Continuity of Government; (3) Center of Gravity
COI  Communities of Interest
COIC  Combat Operations Intelligence Center (USAFE)
COIN  Counterinsurgency
COINS  (1) Consolidated On-Line Intelligence System; (2) Community On-Line Intelligence Network Systems
COINS-II  Community On-Line Intelligence System-II
COIR  Commander’s Operational Intelligence Requirements
COIS  Combat Operations Intelligence System
COLISEUM  Community On-Line Intelligence System for End Users and Managers
COLL  Collection
COLLECT  Collection
COLOP  Collection Opportunity (messages)
COLT  Combat Observation and Laser Team
COM  (1) Computer Output to Microform; (2) Chief of Mission (U.S. Embassy); (3) Collection Operations Management; (4) Commander
COMA  Court of Military Appeals
COMACC  Commander, Air Combat Command
COMAAFCE  Commander, Allied Air Forces Central Europe
COMAFFOR  Commander, Air Force Forces
COMAFOSI  Commander, Air Force Office of Special Investigations
COMAFSOC  Commander, U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command
COMAFSPACE  Commander, Air Force Space Command
COMALCOM  Commander, Alaskan Command
COMAMC  Commander, Air Mobility Command
COMARSPACECOM  Commander, Army Space Command
COMASPC  Commander, Air Force Space Command
COMAINT  Command Maintenance
COMAIR-BALTAP  Commander, Allied Air Forces, Baltic Approaches
COMAIRSOUTH  Commander, Allied Air Forces, Southern Europe
COMALCOM  Commander, Alaskan Command
COMALF  Commander of Airlift Forces
COMANR  Commander, Alaskan NORAD Region
COMANTDEF-COM  Commander, Antilles Defense Command
COMARFOR  Commander, Army Forces
COMARSOC  Commander, U.S. Army Special Operations Command
COMARSOF  Commander, U.S. Army Special Operations Forces
COMATF  Commander, Amphibious Task Force
COMBALTAP  Commander, Allied Forces, Baltic Approaches
COMBAT DF  Combat Direction Finding
COMBENE-CHAN  Commander, Benelux Sub-Area Channel
COMBISCLANT  Commander, Bay of Biscay Submarine Area
COMCANLANT  Commander, Canadian Atlantic Submarine Area
COMCARGRU  Commander Carrier Group
COMCENTAG  Commander, Central Army Group, Central Europe
COMCENTLANT  Commander, Central Submarine Area
COMCM  Communication Countermeasures & Deception
COMCO  Canadian SSO
COMCRUDESGRU  Commander Cruiser Destroyer Group
COMDT COGARD  Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard
COMECON  Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
COMEDCENT  Commander, Central Mediterranean Area
COMEDEAST  Commander, Eastern Mediterranean Area
COMEDNOREAST  Commander, Northeast Mediterranean Area
COMEDOC  Commander, Western Mediterranean Area
COMEDS  CONUS Meteorological Data System
COMEDSOUEAST  Commander, Southeast Mediterranean Area
COMEX  (1) Committee on Exchanges; (2) Communications Exercise
COMFAIRKEF  Commander, Fleet Air Keflavik
COMFIVEATAF  Commander, Fifth Allied Tactical Air Force, Southern Europe
COMFLDCOMDASA Commander, Field Command, Defense Atomic Support Agency
COMFOURATAF Commander, Fourth Allied Tactical Air Force Central Europe
COMGIB  Naval Commander, Gibraltar
COMGIBMED  Commander, Gibraltar Mediterranean Command
COMGTMODEFCOM  Commander, Guantanamo Defense Command
COMICEDEFOR  Commander, Iceland Defense Force
COMIDEASTFOR  Commander, Middle East Force (USN)
COMINEWARCOM  Commander, Mine Warfare Command
COMINT  Communications Intelligence
COMINTADTSK  COMINT Advisory Tasking Message
COMIREX  Committee on Imagery Requirements and Exploitation
COMIS  Collection Management Information System
COMJAM  Communications Jamming
COMJSOC  Commander, Joint Special Operations Command
COMJSOTF  Commander, Joint Special Operations Task Force
COMJTF  Commander, Joint Task Force
COMJUWATF  Commander, Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force
COML  Commercial
COMLANDFOR  Commander, Land Forces
COMLANDJUT  Commander, Allied Land Forces, Schleswig-Holstein & Jutland
COMLANDNORWAY  Commander, Allied Land Forces, Norway
COMLANDSOUTH  Commander, Allied Land Forces, Southern Europe
COMLANDZEALAND  Commander, Allied Land Forces, New Zealand
COMLANTAREA  Commander, Coast Guard Atlantic Area
COMLOGNET  Combat Logistics Network
COMM  (1) Communication; (2) Commercial
COMM(S)  Communication(s)
COMMAIRCHAN  Commander, Allied Maritime Air Force, Channel
COMMAIRNORLANT  Maritime Air Commander, Northern Submarine Area
COMMARBASPAC  Commander, Marine Corps Base, Pacific
COMMARDEZSECAK  Commander, U.S. Maritime Defense Zone Sector, Alaska
COMMARFOR  Commander, Marine Forces
COMMARFORJAPAN  Commander, Marine Forces, Japan
COMMARFORK  Commander, Marine Forces, Korea
COMMARFORPAC  Commander Marine Corps Forces, Pacific
COMMARFORSOUTH  Commander, Marine Corps Forces, South
COMMCEN  Communications Center
COMMDET  Communications Detachment
COMMO  Communications
COMMS CTR  Communications Center
COMMZ  Communications Zone
COMNAVAIR  Commander, Naval Air Forces
COMNAVAIRLANT  Commander, Naval Air Forces, Atlantic
COMNAVAIRPAC  Commander, Naval Air Forces, Pacific
COMNAVBALTAP  Commander, Allied Naval Forces, Baltic Approaches
COMNAVFOR  Commander, Naval Forces
COMNAVFORK  Commander, Naval Forces, Korea
COMNAVINTCOM  Commander, Naval Intelligence Command
COMNAVLOG  Commander, Naval Logistics
COMNAVMARIANAS  Commander, Naval Forces, Marianas
COMNAVNON  Commander, Allied Naval Forces, North Norway
COMNAVSCAP  Commander, Allied Naval Forces, Scandinavian Approaches
COMNAVSEASYSCOM  Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
COMNAVSECGRU  Commander, Naval Security Group
COMNAVSOF  Commander, Naval Special Operations Forces
COMNAVSPACECOM  Commander, Naval Space Command
COMNAVSPECWARCOM  Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command
COMNAVSURF  Commander, Naval Surface Forces
COMNAVSURFLANT  Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet
COMNAVSURFPAC  Commander, Naval Surface Force, Pacific
COMNORECHAN  Commander, Northern Submarine Area, Channel
COMNORLANT  Commander, Northern Submarine Area
COMNORTHAG  Commander, Northern Army Group, Central Europe
COMNSWU  Commander, Naval Special Warfare Unit
COMOCEANLANT  Commander, Ocean Atlantic
COMOCEANSYSLANT  Commander, Oceanographic Systems Atlantic
COMOCEANSYSPAC  Commander, Oceanographic Systems Pacific Company
COMOPS  Communications Operations Summary
COMP  Compatible
COMPACAF  Commander, Pacific Air Forces
COMPASS  Computerized Movement Planning and Status System
COMPATWINGSLANT  Commander, Patrol Wings Atlantic
COMPHIBGRU  Commander, Amphibious Group
COMPLYMCHAN  Commander, Plymouth Submarine Area, Channel
COMPUINT  Computer Intelligence
COMPUSEC  Computer Security
COMPW  Composite Wing
COMPWING  Composite Wing
COMS  Collection Operations Management System (HUMINT)
COMSAT  Communications Satellite
COMSC  Commander, Military Sealift Command
COMSEC  Communications Security
COMSECONDFLT  Commander, U.S. Second Fleet
COMSEVENTHFLT  Commander, U.S. Seventh Fleet
COMSIXATAF  Commander, Sixth Allied Tactical Air Force, Southeastern Europe
COMSIXTHFLT  Commander, U.S. Sixth Fleet
COMSOC  Commander, Special Operations Command
COMSOC-K  Commander, Special Operations Command, Korea
COMSOCEUR  Commander, Special Operations Command, Europe
COMSOCLANT  Commander, Special Operations Command, Atlantic
COMSOCPAC  Commander, Special Operations Command, Pacific
COMSOCSOUTH  Commander, Special Operations Command, Southern Command
COMSOTFE  Commander, Support Operations Task Force, Europe
COMSPOT  Communications Spot Report
COMSTAT  Communication Status Report
COMSTRATCOMWING ONE  Commander, Strategic Communications Wing One
COMSTRICKFLANT  Commander, Striking Fleet Atlantic (Afloat)
COMSTRIKFLTLANT  Commander, Striking Fleet, Atlantic
COMSTRIKFORSOUTH  Commander, Striking Force, South
COMSTS  Commander, Military Sea Transportation Service
COMSUBACLANT  Commander, Submarine Forces, Allied Command, Atlantic
COMSUBEASTLANT  Commander, Submarine Force, Eastern Atlantic
COMSUBGRU  Commander, Submarine Group
COMSUBGRU 8/CTF MED  Commander Submarine Group (Mediterranean)/Commander Task Force Mediterranean
COMSUBLANT  Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet
COMSUBMED  Commander, Submarines, Mediterranean
COMSUBPAC  Commander, Submarine Forces, Pacific
COMSUBWESTLANT  Commander, Submarine Force, Western Atlantic Area
COMSUPNAVFOR  Commander, Supporting Naval Forces
COMTAFNORNOR  Commander, Allied Tactical Air Force, North Norway
COMTAFSONOR  Commander, Allied Tactical Air Force, South Norway
COMTASKFORNON  Commander, Allied Task Force, North Norway
COMTECHREP  Complementary Technical Report
COMTHIRDFLT  Commander, Third Fleet
COMTRAPAC  Commander, Training Command, Pacific
COMTWOATAF  Commander, Second Allied Tactical Air Force, Central Europe
COMUKADR  Commander, UK NATO Air Defense Region
COMUSAFAK  Commander, U.S. Air Forces, Alaska
COMUSAFFOR  Commander, United States Air Force Forces
COMUSAFJ  Commander, U.S. Air Forces, Japan
COMUSAFK  Commander, U.S. Air Forces, Korea
COMUSAFTF  Commander, United States Air Force Task Force
COMUSARAK  Commander, U.S. Army Forces, Alaska
COMUSARCENT  Commander, U.S. Army Forces Central Command
COMUSARFOR  Commander, United States Army Forces
COMUSARSO  Commander, United States Army Forces Southern Command
COMUSARSPACE  Commander, U.S. Army Space Command
COMUSARTF  Commander, United States Army Task Force
COMUSASOC  Commander, U.S. Army Special Operations Command
COMUSFOR KOREA  Commander, U.S. Forces Korea
COMUSFK  Commander, U.S. Forces, Korea
COMUSFORAZ  Commander, U.S. Forces, Azores
COMUSFORCARIB  Commander, U.S. Forces, Caribbean
COMUSFORCNTY  Commander US Forces Country
COMUSJ  Commander, U.S. Forces, Japan
COMUSJAPAN  Commander, U.S. Forces, Japan (also COMUSJ)
COMUSJTF  Commander, United States Joint Task Force
COMUSJUWTF  Commander, United States Joint Unconventional WarfareTask Force
COMUSKOREA  Commander, U.S. Forces, Korea (also COMUSK)
COMUSLANDFOR  Commander, United States Land Forces
COMUSMACTHAI  Commander, United States Military Assistance Command, Thailand
COMUSMARCENT  Commander, U.S. Marine Forces Central Command
COMUSMARDEZLANT  Commander, U.S. Maritime Defense Zone, Atlantic
COMUSMARDEZPAC  Commander, U.S. Maritime Defense Zone, Pacific
COMUSMARFOR  Commander, United States Marine Forces
COMUSMARTF  Commander, United States Marine Task Force
COMUSMILGP  Commander, United States Military Group
COMUSNAVAK  Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Alaska
COMUSNAVCENT  Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Central Command
COMUSNAVEUR  Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe
COMUSNAVFOR  Commander, United States Naval Forces
COMUSNAVPHIL  Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Philippines
COMUSNAVSO  Commander, U.S. Naval Forces South
COMUSNAVTF  Commander, United States Naval Task Force
COMZEALAND  Commander, Allied Land Forces, New Zealand
CON  Control(led)
CONAD  Continental Air Defense Command
CONDECA  Central America Defense Council
CONF  Confidential
CONFIG  Configuration
CONG  Congress
CONGEN  Consul General
CONGINT  Congressional Interest
ConNMJIC  Contingency NMJIC
CONOBJTR  Conscientious Objector
CONOP(S)  Concept of Operation(s)
CONOPS  (1) United States Army Intelligence Command Continental (United States) Operations; (2) Concept of Operations
CONPG  Chairman, Operational Nuclear Planning Group
CONPLAN  (1) Concept Plan; (2) Contingency Plan
CONTEXT  Conferencing and Text Manipulation System
CONTRA-  Against, Opposite (Prefix)
CONUS  Continental United States
CONUSA  Continental United States Army
CONVL  Conventional
COOP  Continuity of Operations Plan
COORD  Coordination
COP  (1) Command Observation Post; (2) Crashout Package
COPG  Chairman, Operational Planners Group
COPRA  Comparative Postwar Recovery Analysis
COPRL  Command Operations Priority Requirements List
COPSTRAT  Continuity of Operations Plan (USSTRATCOM)
COR  (1) Command Operationally Ready; (2) Central Office of Record; (3) Contracting Officer’s Representative
CORCEN  Correlation Center
CORE  Contingency Response (Program)
CORL  (1) Collection Opportunity Requirements List; (2) Chief of Receive Location
CORM  Commission on Roles and Missions
CORPS SAM  Corps Surface-to-Air Missile
CORTRAIN  Corps/Division Training Coordination Program
COS  (1) Combat Operations Staff; (2) Chief of Station; (3) Chief of Staff; (4) Communications Segment
cos  Cosine
COSAL  Consolidated Ship/Squadron Allowance
COSCOM  Corps Support Command
COSIN  Control Staff Instructions
COSA  Commander, Oceanographic Systems, Atlantic
COSP  Commander, Oceanographic Systems, Pacific
COSPO  Community Open Source Program Office Cotangent
COTP  Captain of the Port
COTR  Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative
COTS  (1) Commercial Off-the-Shelf; (2) Container Offloading Transfer System
COUNTERMASINT  Counter Measurements and Signature Intelligence
COVCOM  Covert Communications
CoVRT  Commanders (and Staff) Visualization Research Tool
CP  (1) Contingency Planning; (2) Command Post; (3) Character Position; (4) Communications Processor; (5) Central Processor; (6) Career Program; (7) Counterproliferation
C&P  Characteristics and Performance
C-P  Counterproliferation
CPA  (1) Chairman’s Program Assessment; (2) Collection Planning Aid; (3) CJCS Preparedness Assessment
CPAT  Collection Planning and Targeting
CPB  Charged Particle Beam
CPBS  (1) Capabilities Programming and Budgeting System; (2) Consolidated Program and Budgeting System
CPC  (1) Coastal Patrol Boat; (2) Collection and Processing Center; (3) Central Processing Center
CPE  (1) Circular Probable Error; (2) Central Production Element
CPFL  Contingency Planning Facilities List
CPI  Communications Processor and Interface
CPIA  Chemical Propulsion Information Agency
CPIC  Coastal Patrol and Interdiction Craft
CPM  Cycles Per Minute
CPMIEC  China Precision Machinery Import Export Corporation
CPNET  Custom Product Network
CPO  (1) Command Project Officer; (2) Chief Petty Officer
CPP  Communist Party of the Philippines
CPR  (1) Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation; (2) Chairman’s Program Recommendations
CPS  (1) Collection Problem Set; (2) Correlation Processing Subsystem; (3) Characters Per Second;
(4) COMSEC Parent Switch; (5) Craft Positioning System
CPSB  Career Program Selection Board
CPSS  Computer Systems Squadron
CPSU  Communist Party of the Soviet Union
CPT  Command Post Terminal
CPU  (1) Central Processing Unit; (2) Communications Processing Unit; (3) Computer Processing Unit
CPX  Command Post Exercise
CP OSCAR  Command Post Operations Support Center and Rear
CP TANGO  Command Post Tactical Air, Naval, Ground Operations
CQB  Close Quarter Battle
C-QUIP  Combined Quarterly Intelligence Production Listing
CR  (1) Crisis Relocation; (2) Combat Radius; (3) Collection Request; (4) Close Range; (5) Collections Requirement
CRAF  Civil Reserve Air Fleet
CRB  Contingency Reference Book
CRBIF  Crisis Basis Imagery File
CRC  (1) Command and Reporting Center; (2) Control and Reporting Center; (3) CONUS Replacement Center
CRDC  United States Army Chemical Research & Development Center
CRDL  Collateral Recurring Document Listing
CRE  (1) Combat Readiness Evaluation; (2) Control and Reporting Element
CREST  Covert Reconnaissance/Strike
CRF  (1) Crisis Response Force; (2) Cable Reports File
CRIMP  Crisis Management Plan
CRIS  Command Resources Information System
CRISCON  Crisis Condition (I&W System)
C-RISTA  Counter-Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Target
CRITIC  (1) Critical Intelligence; (2) Critical Intelligence Message;
(3) Critical Intelligence Communication
CRITICOM  Critical Intelligence Communications Network
CRJOIC  Central Region Joint Operational Intelligence Center
CRL  Certificate Revocation List
CRM  Collection Requirements Management
CRMA  Collection Requirements Management Architecture/Application
CRMO  Collection Requirements Management Office(r)
CRMP  Collection Requirements Management Program or Plan
CRMS  Collection Requirements Management System
CRN  Combat Radio Net
CROF  Crete Remote Operating Facility
CROM  Continuous Read-Only Memory
CRP  (1) Control and Reporting Post; (2) COMSEC Resources Program
CRRC  Combat Rubber Raiding Craft
CRRES  Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite
CRRS  Customer Requirements Registration System
CRS  (1) COMIREX Requirements Structure; (2) Combined Recording Site; (3) Comprehensive Retrieval Subsystem; (4) Catholic Relief Service; (5) Congressional Research Service; (6) Community
Relations Service
CRT  (1) Cathode Ray Tube (Terminal); (2) Combat Readiness
Training; (3) Crisis Response Team
CRTA  Chief of Rocket Troops and Artillery
CRUDESGRU  Cruiser-Destroyer Group
CRWG  Current Requirements Working Group
CRYPTO  (1) Cryptography/Cryptographic; (2) Cryptologic
CS  (1) Combat Support; (2) Communications Subsystem; (3) Constant Source; (4) Chief of Staff; (5) Central Servers; (6) Coalition Support
CS1  Critical-Sensitive Level 1
CSA  (1) Chief of Staff, U.S. Army; (2) Central Supplies Agency of NATO; (3) Corps Support Activity; (4) Combat Support Agency(ies)
CSABE  Central and South African Basic Encyclopedia
CSAF  Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force
CSAFM  Chief of Staff, Air Force Memorandum
CSAM  Chief of Staff, Army Memorandum
CSAR  Combat Search and Rescue
CSAW  Cryptologic Support to Amphibious Warfare
CSB  (1) Close Silo Basing; (2) Collection Support Brief (HUMINT); (3) Current Situation Branch
CSBR  Commander, Special Boat Squadron
CSC  (1) Community Support Center; (2) Customer Support Center; (3) Combat Support Cell
CSCE  Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
CSCG  Communications Security Control Group
CSCI  (1) Commercial Satellite Communications Initiative; (2) Computer Software Configuration Interface
CSCR  Computer System Change Request
CSDS  Command Spatial Display System
CSCT  Combat Support Coordination Team
CSE  (1) Cryptologic Support Element(s); (2) Command Support Element; (3) Client Server Environment; (4) Canadian SIGINT Establishment; (5) Communi-cations Security Element
CSE-SS  Client Server Environment-System Services
CSEL  Combat Survivor-Evader Locator
CSENCNET  Satellite Education Network
CSF  Command Support Functions
CSFOCI  Force Protection Operations
CSG  (1) Cryptologic Support Group; (2) Chairman’s Staff Group; (3) Combat Support Group; (4) Corps Support Group
CSG-SOCOM  Cryptologic Support Group/USSOCOM
CSGN Nuclear Strike Cruiser
CSI  Commercial Satellite Interconnectivity
C-SIGINT  Counter Signals Intelligence
CSIS  Canadian Security and Investigative Service
CSMA/CD  Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
CSMO  Cryptologic Support to Military Operations
C3SMP  Command, Control, Communications System Master Plan
CSMR  Coarse Spatial Resolution, Multispectral
CSOC  Consolidated Space Operations Center
CSP  (1) Communications Support Processor; (2) Crisis Staffing Procedures; (3) Contingency Support Package
CSP/HOL  Communications Support Processor/High Order Language
CSPAR  (1) Central Strategic Processing, Analysis, and Reporting; (2) CINC’s Preparedness Assessment Report
CSPO  Consolidated SAFE Project Office
CSR  (1) Current Situation Room; (2) Coastal Surveillance Radar; (3) Controlled Supply Rate; (4) Collection Support Requirement; (5) Combat Search & Rescue
CSRD  Communication-Computer Systems Requirement Document
CSRS  Civil Service Retirement System
CSS  (1) Communications Security System; (2) Communications Support System; (3) Central Security Service; (4) Combat Service Support; (5) Collateral Support System; (6) Contingency Support Study; (7) Communications System Segment; (8) Common Sensor System; (9) COMSEC Subordinate Switch; (10) Combat Surveillance Service; (11) Continuous Signature Service; (12) Coded Switch System; (13) Command Specific Server
CSSA  Cryptologic Shore Support Activity
CSSCS  (1) Combat Service Support Control System; (2) Combat Service Support Computer System
CSSD  Combat Service Support Detachment
CSSE  Combat Service Support Element
CSSO  Contractor Special Security Officer
CSSP  Combined Services Support Program
CSSOC  Combat Service Support Operations Center
CSSR  CSS Replacement
CSST  Combat Service Support Team
CST  (1) Central Standard Time; (2) Coastal Survey Team; (3) Coalition Support Team
CSTC  Consolidated Space Test Center
CSTIP  Combined Strategic Intelligence Training Program
CSTOL  Cargo Short Take-Off & Landing
CSTVRP  Computer Security Technical Vulnerability Reporting Program
CT  ( 1) Training Cruiser; (2) Counterterrorism; (3) Combating Terrorism; (4) Cryptologic Technician
CTA  (1) Central Technical Authority; (2) Common Table of Allowances
CTAI  Continuous-Tone Aerial Imagery
CTAK  Cypher-Text Auto-Key
CTAPS Contingency Theater Automated Planning System
CTB  Comprehensive Test Ban
CTBT  Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
CTC  (1) Combat Targeting Center; (2) Counterterrorism Center; (3) Combat Training Center
CTD  (1) Collective Training Directorate; (2) Charge Transfer Device
CTDR  Commercial Training Device Requirements
CT&E  Certification Test and Evaluation
CTE  Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
CTEA  Cost and Training Effectiveness Analysis
CTF/JTF  (1) Crisis Task Force; (2) Commander Task Force; (3) Central Training Flight; (4) Combined Task Force; (5) Joint Task Force; (6) Consolidated Training Facility
CTF-B  Combined Task Force-Bomber
CTF-BM  Combined Task Force-Battle Management
CTF-C2  Combined Task Force Director of Intelligence
CTF PC II  CTF Provide Comfort II
CTG  Commander, Task Group
CTH  Aviation Training Cruiser
CTIA  Counter Technical Intelligence Activities
CTIS  Commander’s Tactical Information System
CTL  Critical Task List
CTLZ  Control Zone
CTOC  Corps Tactical Operations Center
CTOCSE  CTOC Support Element
CTOL  Conventional Take-Off and Landing
CTP  Consolidated Telecommunications Program
CTR  Center
CTRL  Control
CTS  (1) Course Training Standards; (2) Communications Technology Satellite
CTSCR  Critical Time-Sensitive Collection Requirement
CTT  (1) Commanders’ Tactical Terminal; (2) Common Task Test; (3) Combat Control Team
CTTA  Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority
CTT-H  Commanders’ Tactical Terminal-Hybrid
CTTP  (1) USCENTCOM Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Manual; (2) Component Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Manual
CTU  Commander Task Unit
CU  Channel Unit
CUBB  Collateral Users Bulletin Board
CUBIC  Common User Baseline for the Intelligence Community
CUCV  Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle
CUDIXS  Common-User Digital Information Exchange System
CUL  Combined User Language
CURR  Current
CUSRPG  Canadian-U.S. Regional Planning Group (NATO)
CUWTF  Combined Unconventional Warfare Task Force
CV  (1) Multipurpose Aircraft Carrier; (2) Carrier Vehicle; (3) Aircraft Carrier
CUP  COMSEC Utility Program
CVA  Clandestine Vulnerability Analysis
CVAN  CINCPAC Voice Alert Network
CVBF  Carrier Battle Force
CVBG  Carrier Battle Group
CVG  Guided-Missile Aircraft Carrier
CVGN  Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Aircraft Carrier
CVH  V/STOL Aircraft Carrier
CVHG  Guided-Missile V/STOL Aircraft Carrier
CVHGN  Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile V/STOL Aircraft Carrier
CVHN  Nuclear-Powered V/STOL Aircraft Carrier
CVIC  Carrier-Based Intelligence Center
CVL  Light Aircraft Carrier
CVLGN  Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Light Aircraft Carrier
CVLN  Nuclear-Powered Light Aircraft Carrier
CVN  Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier
CVRT  Combat Vehicle (Reconnaissance, Tracked)
CVS  (1) Antisubmarine Aircraft Carrier; (2) Commercial Vendor Services
CVSD  Continuously Variable-Slope Delta Modulation
CVT  Training Aircraft Carrier
CVTS  Compressed Video Transmission Service
CVW  Carrier Air Wing
CW  (1) Chemical Warfare; (2) Carrier Wave; (3) Continuous Wave; (4) CONSTANT WATCH; (5) Composite Wing; (6) Commonwealth
C/W  Crisis/Wartime
CWC  (1) Composite Warfare Commander; (2) Conventional Weapons Guide
CWG  Coordinates Working Group
CWI  Conventional Weapons Index
CWIS  Crisis Window Information System
CWO  (1) Communications Watch Office; (2) Chief Warrant Officer
CWS  (1) Compartmented Work Station; (2) Collateral Workstation (ASAS)
CWT  Chemical Weapons Treaty
C2X  CCTF C2 OBI/CI Support Element
CY  Calendar Year
CYCLOPS  Fleet Support Message
CZ  (1) Combat Zone; (2) Convergent Zone



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