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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

BA  (1) Budget Authority; (2) Budget Activity
BAA  Broad Agency Announcement
BAC  (1) Budget Activity Code; (2) Broad Area Coverage
BAD  Baseline Assessment Document
BADGE FINDER  Proper Name of System
BADGE KEEPER  Proper Name of System
BAE  Battlefield Area Evaluation
BAG  Battalion Artillery Group
BAI  (1) Battlefield Air Interdiction; (2) Backup Aircraft Inventory; (3) Battlefield Artificial Intelligence
BALTAP  Baltic Approaches (NATO Naval Command)
BAN  Base Area Network
BANDIT  Bragg Area Network for Digital Intelligence Transmission
BAO  Basic Attack Option
BAOR  British Army of the Rhine
BARB  Beacon-Aided Radar Bombing
BARCS  Battlefield Area Reconnaissance System
BAS  (1) Broad Area Search; (2) Battlefield Automated Systems; (3) Billet Access System
BASIC  Battle Area Surveillance & Integrated Communications
BASOPS  Base Operations
BASS  Battlefield Surveillance System
BAT-D  Battlefield Deception
BATF  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
BATO  Balloon-Assisted Take-Off
BATS  Ballistic Aerial Target System
BAWB  Bomber Activity Weekly Brief
BB  Battleship
BBBG  Battleship Battle Group
BBLS  Barrels
BBO  Booster Burnout
BBS  Brigade/Battalion Simulation
B2C2  Brigade and Below Command and Control System
BCA  Broadcast Control Authority
BC2A  Bosnia Command and Control Augmentation
BCBL  Battle Command Battle Lab
BCC  Base Communications Center
BCDSS  Battle Command Decision Support System
BCE  Battlefield Coordination Element
BCI  Bit-Count Integrity
BCR  (1) Battlefield Communications Review; (2) Baseline Change Request
BCS  Broadcast Control Station
BCT  (1) Base Consolidated Telecommunications; (2) Betac Command Team
BCTP  Battle Command Training Program
BCV  Battle Command Vehicle
Bd  Baud
BDA  (1) Battle Damage Assessment; (2) Bomb Damage Assessment
BDA/PSA  Bomb Damage Assessment/Post Strike Assessment
BDE/Bde  Brigade
BDM  Budget Decision Memorandum
BDP  Battlefield Development Plan
BDS  (1) Base Development Survey; (2) Bulk Data Service
BDSP  Battle Dress System Project
BE  Basic Encyclopedia
BEMT  Basic Electronic Maintenance Trainer
BENELUX  Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
BER  Bit Error Rate
BES  Budget Estimate Submission
BETA  Battlefield Exploitation and Target Acquisition
BEYOND DUTY  Proper Name of System
BF  Battle Force
BFA  Battlefield Function Area
BFACS  BFA Control System
BF(S)BL  Battle Focus (Support) Battle Lab
BFCS  Ballistic Framing Camera System
BFE  Blacker Front End
BFI  Battlefield Interdiction
BFM  Basic Flight Maneuvers
BFMA  Battlefield Functional Mission Area
BFOV  Broad Field of View
BG  (1) Battle Group; (2) Brigadier General
BGN  Board on Geographic Names
BGPHES  Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System
BGW  Battlefield Guided Weapon
BGWU  Battle Group Workup
BH  Busy Hour
B-H  Bosnia-Hercegovina
BI  Background Investigation
BIACC  Basic Integrated Aircraft Command and Control
BIC  Battlefield Information Center
BICC  Battlefield Information Coordination Center
BICES  Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation Systems (NATO)
BICM  Battlefield Intelligence Collection Model
BIDS  Battlefield Information Distribution System
BIF  Basic Imagery File
BIFF  Bistatic Identification Friend or Foe
BIIB  Basic Imagery Interpretation Brief
BIIR  Basic Imagery Interpretation Report
BIM  Ballistic Intercept Missile
BIOLDEF  Biological Defense
BIOLOPS  Biological Operations
BIOLWPN  Biological Weapons
BISS  Baseline Intelligence Summary Supplement
BIT  Binary Digit
BITE  Built-In Test Equipment
BITS  Base Information Transfer System
BIU  Bus Interface Unit
Bks  Barracks
BKS  Broadcast Keying Station
BL  Bomb Line
BLDG  Building
BLEST  Berm-Loaded Explosive Simulation Technique
BLEU  Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union
BLIP  Background Limited IR Photography
BLOS  Beyond Line-of-Sight
BLSS  Base Level Self-Sufficiency Spares
BLT  Battalion Landing Team
BLUE FLAG  ACC command and control exercise
BM  (1) FSU Truck-Mounted Multiple Rocket Launcher; (2) Ballistic Missile
BMATT  Briefcase Multi-Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal
BM/C2  Battle Management/Command and Control
BM/C3  Battle Management/Command, Control, and Communications
BMC  Battle Management Cell
BMCT  Beginning of Morning Civil Twilight
BMD  (1) Ballistic Missile Defense; (2) FSU Airborne Combat Vehicle
BMDO  (1) Ballistic Missile Defense Organization; (2) Ballistic Missile Defense Office
BMDSCOM  U.S. Army Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Command
BMEWS  Ballistic Missile Early Warning System
BMG  Basic Mission Guidance
BMNT  Beginning of Morning Nautical Twilight
BMP  FSU Armored Infantry Combat Vehicle
BMSS  Ballistic Missile Systems Subcommittee
BN/Bn  Battalion
BND  Bundesrepublik Nachrichtendienst (German Intelligence Service)
BOA  Broad Ocean Area
BOCCA  Board for Coordination of Civil Aircraft (NATO)
BOIP  Basis of Issue Plan
BOMREP  Bombing Report
BOQ  Bachelor Officers’ Quarters
BOS  (1) Battlefield Operating System; (2) Base Operating Support
BP  (1) Battle Position; (2) Bandpass
BPA  (1) Battlefield Psychological Activities; (2) Blanket Purchase Agreement
BPE  Beacon Precision Enlarger
BPF  Bandpass Filter
BPI  Bits Per Inch
BPPBS  Biennial Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System
BPR  Business Process Reengineering
BPS  (1) Basic Psychological Operations Study; (2) Bits Per Second; (3) Beachman Processing System
BPSK  Burst Pulse Shift Key
BR  Blade Rate
B/R  Bridge/Router
BR/Br  Branch
BRAC  Base Realignment and Closure (Commission)
BRDM  FSU Wheeled Amphibious Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
BRET  Bistatic Reflected Energy Target
BRI  Basic Rate Interface
BRIXMIS  British Commanders-In-Chief Military Liaison Mission
BRL  Bomb Release Line
BRP  Bomb Release Point
BRS  (1) Beachman Reporting System; (2) Backup and Recovery System (3) Beach Reconnaissance System
BRU  Bomb Release Unit
BS  Broadcast Service
BSA  Brigade Support Area
BSD  (1) Battlefield Surveillance Device; (2) Battlefield Surveillance Display
BSS  Broadcast Satellite Service
BSSC  Battle Staff Support Center
BSSG  Brigade Service Support Group
BST  (1) Battle Staff Team; (2) Betac Support Team
BSTS  (1) Boost Surveillance and Tracking System; (2) Boost Phase Surveillance and Tracking System
BT  Basic Training
BTA  Best Technical Approach
BTF  Battalion Task Force
BTG  Basic Target Graphic
BTI  Balanced Technology Initiative
BTR  FSU Armored Personnel Carrier
BTRY  (1) Battery; (2) Field Artillery
BTU  British Thermal Unit
BTW  By The Way
BUD/S  Basic Underwater Demolition/Sea-Air-Land (SEAL)
BUIC  Back-Up Intercept Control
BUNT  British Underground Nuclear Test
BUR  Bottom Up Review
BVITS  Baseline Video Imagery Transmission System
BVR  Beyond Visual Range
BW  (1) Biological Warfare; (2) Bandwidth; (3) Beamwidth; (4) Bomb Wing
B&W  Black and White
BWC  Biological Weapons Convention
BWP  Basic Working Paper
BZ  Buffer Zone



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